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Sorry guys, the program got fixed so hurriedly that i didn’t get enough time to let you know about this.The whole stuff is being managed and the date of marriage has been fixed at chaitra 28 of 2064.

 I am extremly sorry for those bloggers(like Navin, Nabin, Basant, Waliz etc.) who are out of Nepal and can not be participated in my marriage due to some problem in spite of great eagerness.

There is an intresting story of conversation of our marriage, will you plz hear that ??? 

बुवा : नमस्कार हजुर, आरामै हो ।
गिरिजा बाबु : म भन्छु, आराम छु त आरामै छु, तपाईंको के छ ?


Love-define it

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What is the defination of love ?

1. Are you in love ? Definately you must in love.

-.-If I were in love then i would be answering this question, not you.

Your body trembles due to shocking waves from your heart.


2.Are you ok Amit ? If you are feeling unwell then you can go home.

-.-Do only unwell person ask this type of question? huh?

Even with the close eye, if you can see(feel) her then that’s the love.You are too puzzle to understand, Amit.


Who am I ?

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म के ??? – पहाडी कि मधेशी !!!!

The current situation bound me to think ‘who am I ?’. My parents climbed down from Mountain to Terai in the dream of getting something. I got birth here in Terai. No, I am not saying Terai as Madhesh. I don’t know am I true or not, but the Madhesh word gives me the smell of India while Terai seems of ours.

Who am I ? A pahadiya, Madhesi, Nepali or an Indian ? Due to my parent’s birth, am I a Pahadiya or as I borned here, so Madhesi ? Even though living in Nepal, I am not feeling myself as a Nepali, Is that mean am I an Indian ? I may be an Indian(very hurted to think this), as in each and every point Nepal do talk to Indian leaders to know what to do and what not to do. Nepal will be paralysed if India leaves it’s support. This is the biggest unfortune of Nepal and Nepali. I need my identity. Then, who am I ?

In mountain Limbuwan, Khumbuwan are crying and in Terai Madheshi, Tharuwan are agitating , meanwhile in valley(ktm) Newar are violating to separate their lands with self decision control. If that happend then which one will my place ? or will I be a refugee ???

If I became a refugee, then who would take that responsibility ?

Seven party, Maoist, King or Agitating Groups

If I were, then I would blame Maoist for my condition because to change someone, something is required to be changed and that something mean system while Maoists are deterioating it in the name of making good.
६२-६३ को जनआन्दोलन-२ मा घाइते बालक

Biratnagar is facing regular band(closing) due to agitation of Madhesi community. Recently curfew encountered with the citizens of Biratnagar. In spite of their bound to do work, they were compelled to chat about current condition in chowk as there was no any alternative in curfew.

Some were blaming Maoists to scatter the seed of self decision power concept with caste, ethinicity difference subject while some were cursing King not to handle properly his rulling. Alliances, Madhesi even Human Right Organization became the subject of their.

This I, found intresting to listen their opinion (Tarka, Bitarka) having different view from each other.

One : Girija is playing a good play, He used Mahant Thakur to solve all these problems. Mahant Thakur with his party is the concept of Girija. In tomorrow, Mahant Thakur will handover the key by accumulating and locking all problems in one room.

जनआन्दोलन-२ मा यत्रतत्र छरिएका आन्दोलनकारीका चप्पलहरु

Two : In the same way Bhutan had done, the people borned in Madhesh will be allowed to live here and the rest (those who were climbed down from mountain) will be chased away. Later the remaining pahadiya will also be chased to capture the whole land by them.

Three : Who gave Madhesi to speak in that way ? It would be right if local ethinic group including Tharu, Satar etc. agitated demanding genuine right. This recent violating group are not locals, these are migrated Indians.

Four : The whole stuff got disturbed due to the unsystematic provision of citizenship. Indians took advantage of it.

Satellite Communication

Posted: February 21, 2008 in info itch
Satellite and  Earth Station

Satellites are those equipment that revolve our earth ( like moon ) and act as a repeater section. The transponder section of it receives signal from the earth station, amplifies the signal and then transmit(broadcast) it in to required place. Satellite do exactly in the same way as hub do in the star topology of network. So, if transponder fail, then the all system will go down. The uplink and downlink frequencies of it are separated by 45 MHz to avoid interferance.

It is a microwave communication and hence requires Line Of Sight(LOS) to transmit and receive signal. LOS means the earth station in ground and satellite in sky could see each other. The frequencies that it utilizies falls on the category of GigaHertz(GHz). Among the several freq. band separation of microwave, C, Ku and Ka bands are allocated for commercial satellite communication.
To make satellite able to stay in space revolving round the earth, Rocket having the satellite equipment is required to launch to sky with velocity greater than escape velocity. Escape velocity means the velocity required against the earth’s gravitation.
The 1st satellite ,sputnik1, was launched by Soviet Union in october 4, 1957 which again lauched the first living creature(sputnik2), a dog named Laika in to space on November 3, 1957. Explorer 1 was the first satellite of United States, launched in January 31, 1958. The early communication satellites were in relatively low altitude orbits(below 36000 km) and consequently sped around the earth in a few hours. This required the ground antennas to move constantly in order to beam signals to them.
The orbit in range of 36000 km above the earth surface is called geostationary orbit as the satellite in that orbit do round the earth in the same time that the earth takes to round in it’s own axis, means 24 hours. So though both earth and satellite revolve, the satellite appears to be stationary from a particular earch surface. This provides easyness in work eliminating the need of ground antennas to move constantly regarding satellite movement.
The satellites in 36000 km are called geostationary or geosynchrounous satellite while satellites below 36000 km are called low earth satellite satellites. In theoritical concept, 3 satellites in geostationary orbit can cover the whole earth while 64 are required in low earth orbit.
In 1965, Early Bird satellite was launched in to a much higher equatorial orbit of 36000 km.

 प्रेम चित्र

तिमि जे भन,
स्वीकार गर या नगर
सुन या नसुन
म सुनाउदै छु
मैले सुनाउदा तिमीलाई दुख्न सक्ला
मुटू छुन सक्ला
आँखा रसाउन सक्ला (more…)

After the invention of cellular concept in 1960 in mobile technology, the craze over so drastically up that even the latest technologies are becoming the oldest one. The invention of transistor in 1947 converted the bulky instruments, using vacuum tubes, to small one. The accumulation of discrete components in one chip, Integrated Chip(IC), made electronic goods to be benefited. VLSI(Very Large Scale Integration), SLSI(Super Large Scale Integration) etc. are causing goods to reduce their size, shape and cost too.

The recent development in mobile are categorized broadly in terms of generation(G). The mobile in the decade of 60 were used to be 1G, totally analog based. The cellular constumer were used to be registered manually when moving from one cell to another.

2G came in 1990 with knowledge about digital concept. In actual mean mobile captured it’s pace through this generation. Since 2nd Generation, hand off not only became easy and fast but also sophisticated too. Till the journey of 2G, Network Controlled HO(NCHO) has been turned in Mobile Assisted HO(MAHO). SMS (Short Message Service) is the most favourable service provided by it where two user (subscriber) can communicate through text. To reduce the burden of MSC, BSC blocks have been placed in between BS and MSC. 
2.5G came in to existence with internet approach but it’s speed fasten with the emergence of 3G. Broadband Integrated Service Digital Network (B-ISDN) in 3G made it capable of accessing voice, data, video simultaneously and HSPA(High Speed Packet Access) transferring data in fastest manner. Together with advanced modulation technique mobile technology is making itself more sophisticated than mentioned in words and languages. 
The latest upgrades in mobile technology, 3.5G,4G, in highly developed countries are showing the truth that yet there is some more things to be innovated in mobile field.

all’s fev, 14th feb

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‘What will you do if the girl you love is same your friend love ?’

“If my love is true then she will understand me, else I will understand him. Inspite of his true love(if) if I don’t respect, then I will realize that my love is turning in to jealousy. Whoever’s love, she must get true and perfect love only.”


sign of lovelove and और क्या ? (more…)

My First Kiss..

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‘PLZ, don’t look me like this. I can’t control.’ I broke the silence.

I saw a tear falling in her cheeks. I couldn’t see at her face, I turned.

‘Ok.’ She cleansed her eyes’But I need the answer, why ? Why did you do this to me ?’

What should I say in the answer of why ? The whole fault was mine. I have never thought that a small April 1st play would be turned in this way. (more…)

Love with random thought

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‘What made you to dump(divorse) him?’

‘His words. In each and every words i used to feel myself as humiliated. That was neither scold nor abuse, though hard to tolarate. The words used to be soft but disgracing my each feeling.

In the Neuro Hospital Pvt. Ltd. of Biratnagar, I got a chance to hear the above conversation. To listen them properly and clearly, I pretended myself as a reader holding newspaper in my hand.

‘Wasn’t your love marriage ?’ (more…)