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DSCN0958Blogger is : अमेत्य उपाध्याय – अर्थात एक छुच्चो र चुच्चो बाहुन 🙂 अझ धित नमरे चुथ्थो नि भन्न सक्नु हुन्छ 🙂

Started from : 2007 December 17 तारिखका दिन देखि ब्लग लेखिन थालिएको रहेछ !

Writes about : चलचित्र, समसामयिक, कविता, सोसल मिडिया स्ट्याटस, लेख, कथा आदि इत्यादी लेखिइदै आइएको छ अहिले सम्म !

Why the writing : मनमा लागेका कुरा ब्यक्त गर्न तथा आफ्ना सोच र लेखाईलाई संग्रहित अनि व्यवस्थित गर्न  !

Categories, tags and words in this blog :

मदानीमा movie (movie मन्थन) : – चलचित्र विश्लेषण –  मदानीमा movie मथ्ने एक प्रयास 

व्यक्तिगत विश्लेषण (चलचित्रको व्यापार व्यवसायमा असर नपर्ने गरी Release भै थन्किएका चलचित्रहरुको)

सिक्का सिनेमा : – low budget movie को विश्लेषण …. खोटो सिक्का या खरो सिक्का

कविता कुण्ड : – Collection of Nepali Poems

poem पोखरी : – poem written in English

टुक्रा – टाक्री (नेhe status) : – Nepali.. Hindi .. English Status collection from my social media

स्यानो Story : – Short and Small Stories

article आहा : – articles written in Nepali

article aim : – articles written in English

बिचार गुत्थी : – articles related with concepts in Nepali

opinion only : – articles related with concepts in English

बेतुके blog : – words with sense of humor

info itch : – articles related with Information, Technology and Communication

me n myself : –  articles totally personal

Travel Tour : – Category for travelling

zust जमर्को :- भेटिएका तथा लेखिएका केहि-हरुलाई संग्रहित गर्ने एक प्रयास

Source of most of the pictures in this blog: Google!

  1. आकार says:

    wow nice pics………but I’m confused what to say in nepali…… अमेत्य , अमित्य ??????? hope to getting answer.


  2. waliz says:

    sorry ametya..first i thought u were a girl..i will answer yr question..just gimme some time ok?
    thanks for have a trust in me…:D


  3. w0w verry nice photo :-*


  4. sangesh says:

    Nice work, loved your topics


  5. You have a very good site and good content too. Good. Keep it up buddy….. and best of luck


  6. Sanjay says:

    Thanks Amit for appreciating my blog Weird India.


  7. Ramesh Nepali says:

    Well done Ametya, keep it up. Your Something in Nothing should help our motherland named Nepal as i found on your blog “Nothing with hidden treasury of Something”– love for our country. Thanks.


  8. Ametya Ji tapai ko photo thekhera haamee ta
    Chhakka pareau
    tapaailai sadhai bhari samjane sathai
    i am ram chandra basnetZone: Janakpur
    Diswtt: Ramechhap
    Dham To, :Manthali Bajar
    V.D.C.: Goatgau
    4 Serabesi


  9. hajurba says:

    i sincerely hope for link exchange with my blog.




  10. Manoj Nepal says:

    Amatya ji,
    Thank you for proceeding such a nice blog, and i would like to wish you, “happy new year2009. may this year bring happniss,success and presprety to you and your nearest and dearest ones.


  11. Shekhar says:

    your attempt to start a blog is very appreciative. Hope to communicate with you very well in coming days. Me Shekhar from Dang .


  12. Surath says:

    Hi ametya ji!
    If you remember we had met on a local bus ride and we had talked about blogs. i have recently started my personal blog…and i sincerely hope for a link exchange with your blog!!!

    my blog:

    Surath Giri
    AKA eveningpolestar


  13. kaflehem says:

    Ametya ji. Happy to be in touch with you. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I will surely go through your writings. Just a cursory look reveals that you maintain it with devotion.

    I am from Madhumalla, Morang.



  14. Eternal says:

    Nice to know you…


  15. Basanta says:

    अमेत्य भाइ, नयाँ वर्ष २०६६ को हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना!!!


  16. great , keep it up


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