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Posted: February 1, 2008 in article aim
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‘What made you to dump(divorse) him?’

‘His words. In each and every words i used to feel myself as humiliated. That was neither scold nor abuse, though hard to tolarate. The words used to be soft but disgracing my each feeling.

In the Neuro Hospital Pvt. Ltd. of Biratnagar, I got a chance to hear the above conversation. To listen them properly and clearly, I pretended myself as a reader holding newspaper in my hand.

‘Wasn’t your love marriage ?’

‘Yes. The life wouldn’t be like this if the marriage was arrange.’

‘A marriage long lives with strong understanding. In arrange, understanding starts with marriage while in love this ends with marriage.’ She added.

According to her, in love  as guy and girl already knew to each other, so after marriage there is only time left for knowing each other’s disabilities(suddenly). While in arrange, as the both are totally new to each other, so it takes a long time to know each other understanding each other’s strongness and weakness slowly and slowly. So, the base becomes stronger in arrange than love. Research also shows that the divorse most of the case is from love marriage.

Was she actually correct ? Is arrange marriage more long lasting than love marriage. A lot of questions with puzzling answers forced me to head toward past where each love story got the history but lover’s life got tragedy. Laila Majhnu, Salim Anarkali got the title of tragedy king and queen. Was that due to love ? Do love always ends with cry/weep ?

What is love then ? If love is the world’s most beautiful and touchable word, then why it do link with such life where at the starting they(lovers) might be together but at the end they becomes like sides(banks) of river ????

“All is fair in love and war.” Matuk Nath Chaudhary, a professor of India, followed the above prove and started to live with his love Julie, his student, leaving behind his family. He got somewhere good clap due to his dedication toward love while in somewhere he was not only abused but also smeared as he ran away from his responsiblities. If his marriage life was in breakable condition, then it would be his duty to make it strong, rather not to break it and search another new one. What if, we all do such search of love leaving behind all our responsibilites ?????


 Matuk Nath Chaudhary-was he a true lover or one who used the term love to cover his selfisness ???

The same case has been shown in ‘Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehana’, a Karan Johar film, where inspite of trying to make the relation with their life partners better in a true sense they(Shaharukh and Rani) do byheart only one word ‘Love’ forgetting a lot of words  like responsibility, duty, trust, believe etc. etc.

Is love all about gaining only ? Is love a single word ? Doesn’t it come along with feeling, responsibility, respect, emotion, compromization etc. ????

A perfect defination of love i think ‘Krishna -the warrior’, a Subhash Ghai movie, has. Krishna(Bibek Oberai) fell in love with a blonde(english) girl, though he did marriage with an indian girl to do respect of love that she used to do toward him. He lived a happy married life with that indian girl but at the end of his breathe he desired to flow away his ash(अर्थी) in that bank(river) where he first felt that he was in love with the previous blonde girl. That’s the love in actual sense, a complete package of love that accumulate and accomodate each and every words that do link with love.

Love is in fashion nowadays. Without knowing what is love, people do fall in love because they want to fall in it. In true love no one knows that what is happening with him/her. After reaching in the depth of well, then he/she realizes that ‘I am in love’, not  at the time before falling.

The true defination of love is vast and complex. So, attraction, influence etc. are taking advantage of it so that love can be defined in a ease and simple manner, and due to such, true love is nowadays is in shadow as attraction is replacing love.

  1. aAkaR says:

    I don’t know what is love………..may it be a feelings and understanding……Love is in fashion nowadays. Without knowing what is love, people do fall in love because they want to fall in it. In true love no one knows that what is happening with him/her. After reaching in the depth of well, then he/she realizes that ‘I am in love’, not at the time before falling………..hehe


  2. ametya says:

    You may be right aakar ji, it may be feeling and understanding..but if that then one thing that is not understandable is why did she tell that In arrange, understanding starts with marriage while in love this ends with marriage.Was she correct???


  3. speed says:

    No , it depends on the person . It is a matter of how commited you can be . For some love may mean commitment and for some love may simply mean sex . Yeha it is sort of fashion nowdays but well when people spend time with each other they get to know each other well and ultimately these understanding can lead to a better future. Love in real life is not like in movies or in Novels. People who understand these things prosper in love but who fail to do end up with the tragidies of their lifes.


  4. aAkaR says:

    yep, may be………..coz in most of the cases i’ve found it…..


  5. Navin says:

    This topic has left me into deep contemplation of what actually love is. Yeah, normally, I’ve seen love ends tragically, my parents are divorced to each other. They started with love during their time. I’m 28 grown up man and separately living with them. That’s Irony of life but at the same time, when I heard story of around 73 years old Peggy Miles, My english teacher, then it astounds me being American, they are still together at this moment of life. Yeap, they were love-birds and still are. So, we can never say what is going on, because, you never know what is going on actually.

    Regarding those pictures above, I dunno, whats their relation but those professor falling in love with students(my guesswork) must be punished. They got diverted with their duties and only social justice would demoralize such act. Ametya ji, I don’t really like teacher falling in love with their students. dunno why..

    Yeah, if those legendary love-birds of their time weren’t martyred , may be they wouldn’t be remembered now. but there are happy ending stories too. 🙂

    lil search shall reveal them 🙂



  6. really nice one and keep it up! for indian matrimonials


  7. ametya says:

    I am so sorry to know abt your parents, Navin ji…in Nepali soceity divorse not treated as a freedom rather it is thinked as an odd..So, instead of getting separated peacefully they prefer to stay with quarreling enviornment..And I think divorse with discussing through peace talk is a good way to be separated but before that tryness(with honest heart) to make the relation better must be done from both of them.


  8. Navin says:

    ..which is not possible in my parents case. It’s different. but anyhow, thanks for your concern and it’s just used-to case for us. so, don’t worry 🙂 life goes on Ametya Ji. anyway, i liked reading this article 🙂


  9. aAkaR says:

    anyway………i don’t have ur email id………so where can i write …..


  10. aAkaR says:

    if u can email me than it’ll be easy………..and i’m ready to help u yar…..


  11. waliz says:

    love or arrange marriage? i think both will do as long u can tolerate each other well especialy in the long term relationship…


  12. ametya says:

    I think i am disagree with you waliz, instead of “tolerate” in above “feel” would be proper..i think…


  13. speed says:

    i disagree with you both …… rather apporipate term would be “understanding” ……..


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