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We use to login different community website to get connected with our friends and to make new friends too. Facebook, Orkut, Hi5, Myspace etc. community websites attracts much more users by providing various services like giving high MB,GB spaces to upload one’s images, letting one to look other’s profile to know about them. Using these websites one can share his feeling, ideas etc. through the use of notebook, wall, testimonials, scrap etc.

A mini research(my own) shows that community websites are nowadays not only be used as above. In sex traffic it is being used as a road, a highway not only to transport one’s nude pictures and words but also to fix a time for meeting. Orkut is in ahead in this case. In Brazil and India, this website is getting overrated performance. Those who seek sex partner are using this site maximally, some showing censored while some with uncensored pictures.

adnan.jpgAdnan Patrawala