Mobile technology in terms of Generation

Posted: February 19, 2008 in info itch

After the invention of cellular concept in 1960 in mobile technology, the craze over so drastically up that even the latest technologies are becoming the oldest one. The invention of transistor in 1947 converted the bulky instruments, using vacuum tubes, to small one. The accumulation of discrete components in one chip, Integrated Chip(IC), made electronic goods to be benefited. VLSI(Very Large Scale Integration), SLSI(Super Large Scale Integration) etc. are causing goods to reduce their size, shape and cost too.

The recent development in mobile are categorized broadly in terms of generation(G). The mobile in the decade of 60 were used to be 1G, totally analog based. The cellular constumer were used to be registered manually when moving from one cell to another.

2G came in 1990 with knowledge about digital concept. In actual mean mobile captured it’s pace through this generation. Since 2nd Generation, hand off not only became easy and fast but also sophisticated too. Till the journey of 2G, Network Controlled HO(NCHO) has been turned in Mobile Assisted HO(MAHO). SMS (Short Message Service) is the most favourable service provided by it where two user (subscriber) can communicate through text. To reduce the burden of MSC, BSC blocks have been placed in between BS and MSC. 
2.5G came in to existence with internet approach but it’s speed fasten with the emergence of 3G. Broadband Integrated Service Digital Network (B-ISDN) in 3G made it capable of accessing voice, data, video simultaneously and HSPA(High Speed Packet Access) transferring data in fastest manner. Together with advanced modulation technique mobile technology is making itself more sophisticated than mentioned in words and languages. 
The latest upgrades in mobile technology, 3.5G,4G, in highly developed countries are showing the truth that yet there is some more things to be innovated in mobile field.
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