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Why with mom ? Because she is female and can tell you in excellency about your sex partner’s(lady) feeling. Research had also showed that son feel comfort with their mother to talk, means the inclination of them is more toward mother. This inclination starts with the childhood as childish mind feels nice to put a lot of questions in front of his mother and even in adult it feel ease to ask some puzzle.

‘Momma, why do white cover is used in wedding bed?’ The habit of asking each question since childhood suddenly ask the above question just to know the answer.

‘It is a tradition to check whether the bride is virgin or not. If she is virgin, then the mark of blood will be seen clearly in white, so.’

The question was escaped from my mouth in random way, pretending an interest to know something, but when i got answer, I felt shy in front of my mother.

Seeing my uncomfortable, she further added (more…)