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We use to be covered by faces by anytime, anywhere and in any condition. Faces of friends, relatives, known as well as unknowns etc. do not let us to feel alone. But indeed, each and every time one is always alone, even in the crowd one is alone. Reality Bites. Friends, relatives all these walk with us while loneliness is within us.

Whenever a person feel something good, he first leaves soft smile, do even a little bit but do conversation with himself. Like saying ‘yea’, ‘I got it’ etc. he first express his feeling to himself. This symbolizes that unknowingly he is making loneliness as his friend because there is no one to walk with him in his whole life. He has to hold his own hand, no one from the crowd is there to do that.

Men in alone condition can watch things more properly and more differently as they get enough time to think and see things in different manner.