Even in the crowd one is alone

Posted: January 4, 2008 in article aim
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We use to be covered by faces by anytime, anywhere and in any condition. Faces of friends, relatives, known as well as unknowns etc. do not let us to feel alone. But indeed, each and every time one is always alone, even in the crowd one is alone. Reality Bites. Friends, relatives all these walk with us while loneliness is within us.

Whenever a person feel something good, he first leaves soft smile, do even a little bit but do conversation with himself. Like saying ‘yea’, ‘I got it’ etc. he first express his feeling to himself. This symbolizes that unknowingly he is making loneliness as his friend because there is no one to walk with him in his whole life. He has to hold his own hand, no one from the crowd is there to do that.

Men in alone condition can watch things more properly and more differently as they get enough time to think and see things in different manner.


Research shows that loneliness is the major cause which force one to do suicide. They do because people are stucked with their friends and relatives in such a manner that even a small hurt or something wrong decision gives a big shock to them. One who used to be crowded by faces at all time now becomes untolerable to see no one in around him. And this untolerability force him to head toward that kind of murdering where one kills oneself.

 I have seen a number of such cases. Even my own friend did that. May the god rest his soul.When no one is around us, then such time should be utilized fully to dig to find by what material we are made of, not by doing such foolish activities. We can see others easily but hardly to ourselves. One need mirror to see his own figure and aloneness is the perfect time to see himself as it provides silence time, not surrounding by any peripheral. Loneliness is our friend, was and will always. If one get sometimes to get a chance to encounter with it, then at that time do a play(hide and seek) and search in behind what tree ‘one'(with his ability) is hiding.There should be fun with loneliness rather wasting it’s time thinking about the crowd only.

 I have lost my one friend and I don’t want to let it be happened with others too.

 Let’s try to realize loneliness as our friend, because whether you accept it or not, loneliness is always within us. Feel it, realize it and if sometimes it get a chance to be with you, then don’t be scared, don’t do struggle to get rid from it. If you try to be far away then it will suck you like my fren. By doing gossiping, questioning and answering take advantage of it. Loneliness is like shadow. If there is shadow then there is light. If not, then you must be in dark.

 “For the god sake, plz! leave me alone.”Almost all need some time to be alone when some bad/sad thing happens in life. Why? why do one need certain time to be alone when at time more crowds are wanted to be around ? He needs that time to get calm and to collect strength to overcome the sadness.  It means he need silence environment to accumulate energy to do fight with sad/bad things that are being happened in his life. And this silence environment can only be gotten when there is no one except you alone. Then instead of getting advantage of it, why some are loosing hope and moving toward wrong direction only thinking about the crowd only ?

  1. hajar says:

    I love what you wrote a lot and I agree with you. Everybody’s lonely and loneliness make us a little wise ’cause we see things differently and more deeply.


  2. hajar says:

    you are a very good friend 🙂


  3. msharma says:

    Enjoyed reading this post. A great thought! I have bookmarked your site.


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