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It’s your duty to burn off too..  2014-03-29 23.51.13

Ya, it’s your life and you are absolutely free to live as you want to. Whatever you do, it’s up to you but the moral of the life says that the effects from your life shouldn’t affect the life of others. You drink, ok, but you can’t make a noisy environment after drinking.

After the regular duty of office, while returning my mobile got a chance to snap a precious scene, street kids smoking. Here, smoking wasn’t a curiosity rather from where do they get cigarettes was my curious part. My enthusiasm got chilled when I came to know that it’s the thrown cigarettes that they use to pick up. In the conversation with them I also realized that to be a poor and orphan means what in actual. Not only that, the real footage of so called NGO got also cleared in mind.

Each one has life and free to live as he desires but this right should be obeyed in right manner. Unknowingly, the cigarette that you are throwing in burned stage is being used by others and it’s the kids who are using them.


An eye with emotion

Posted: December 12, 2009 in article aim

Eye is that portion of body without saying anything it says a lot. It unknowingly demonstrate the feeling of someone hiding in one’s heart. While doing sex, everyone has the experience of closing of the eye. Closed eye means indication of getting emotion through the relation. Hence the above give a glance that eye is a scenario to find out the inner of someone.

His eyes used to be silent and attractive, attractive in the sense of having tendency to make curious about he. He, 20 yrs old, became emotionally blinded and got fall in love with 40 yrs old woman having her 2 daughters. Nowadays, after this event, I in my imagination only seeing waves and tides of emotions in his silent and peaceful eyes.

What made him to take such decision? He, a student, dependent on family took such decision which is totally wrong for a guy like he. To do marry at that young age is itself wrong. Here, he not only did but to a woman having her own family and highly aged.

It’s the emotion that bound him to walk in that way where he will found no any way. Emotion wrapped his eyes and in blindness he choosed such a wrong and unsuitable path.

A simple analysis of my own, shows that whenever a woman do suicide, it’s event that made her to do that while in man case, it’s the emotion that excites him to take such action.

The writer’s own analysis forced him to write that emotion doesn’t have power to easily disrupt male mind but if it got a chance, then it disrupts more that any else. Female by crying and doing whatever (which suits them) controls the emotion but in male case, it overlaps all surrounding and makes a dark environment to him. Consequently, in blindness he uses to choose a wrong path like my actor (real) took in above.

Moral: Each one has feeling and emotion. Emotion regarding male I found more dangerous than female. Male are too poor to handle if it got a chance to capture one’s mind in comparison to female because god has given a special power to play with emotion in nice manner to lady while male, I think aren’t so lucky.

Why with mom ? Because she is female and can tell you in excellency about your sex partner’s(lady) feeling. Research had also showed that son feel comfort with their mother to talk, means the inclination of them is more toward mother. This inclination starts with the childhood as childish mind feels nice to put a lot of questions in front of his mother and even in adult it feel ease to ask some puzzle.

‘Momma, why do white cover is used in wedding bed?’ The habit of asking each question since childhood suddenly ask the above question just to know the answer.

‘It is a tradition to check whether the bride is virgin or not. If she is virgin, then the mark of blood will be seen clearly in white, so.’

The question was escaped from my mouth in random way, pretending an interest to know something, but when i got answer, I felt shy in front of my mother.

Seeing my uncomfortable, she further added (more…)

Love-define it

Posted: February 25, 2008 in article aim
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What is the defination of love ?

1. Are you in love ? Definately you must in love.

-.-If I were in love then i would be answering this question, not you.

Your body trembles due to shocking waves from your heart.


2.Are you ok Amit ? If you are feeling unwell then you can go home.

-.-Do only unwell person ask this type of question? huh?

Even with the close eye, if you can see(feel) her then that’s the love.You are too puzzle to understand, Amit.


all’s fev, 14th feb

Posted: February 14, 2008 in article aim
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‘What will you do if the girl you love is same your friend love ?’

“If my love is true then she will understand me, else I will understand him. Inspite of his true love(if) if I don’t respect, then I will realize that my love is turning in to jealousy. Whoever’s love, she must get true and perfect love only.”


sign of lovelove and और क्या ? (more…)

Love with random thought

Posted: February 1, 2008 in article aim
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‘What made you to dump(divorse) him?’

‘His words. In each and every words i used to feel myself as humiliated. That was neither scold nor abuse, though hard to tolarate. The words used to be soft but disgracing my each feeling.

In the Neuro Hospital Pvt. Ltd. of Biratnagar, I got a chance to hear the above conversation. To listen them properly and clearly, I pretended myself as a reader holding newspaper in my hand.

‘Wasn’t your love marriage ?’ (more…)

My encounter with a LESBIAN

Posted: January 11, 2008 in article aim
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Struggling. We all do struggling in various means. To get a better life, we do fight with poverty, lazyness, illetracy and with enemies. This article says about a girl, Tanishq, doing struggle with herself to obtain a life where sex will be in her control.

‘Stop starring me. I am a lesbian.’ with soft and silence smile she said. (more…)

Economics says that there are three kinds of money trafficing-Investment, Expenditure and Wastage. The transformation of money from one hand to another occupies either of these three verbs:- invest, spend or waste.

To do invest means just to think profit mainly. Money attracts money rule is used here to get collection.

To do spend means just exchange of goods or something with money. Buy and sell or give and take rule is used here.

To waste means just to throw of money.


We use to login different community website to get connected with our friends and to make new friends too. Facebook, Orkut, Hi5, Myspace etc. community websites attracts much more users by providing various services like giving high MB,GB spaces to upload one’s images, letting one to look other’s profile to know about them. Using these websites one can share his feeling, ideas etc. through the use of notebook, wall, testimonials, scrap etc.

A mini research(my own) shows that community websites are nowadays not only be used as above. In sex traffic it is being used as a road, a highway not only to transport one’s nude pictures and words but also to fix a time for meeting. Orkut is in ahead in this case. In Brazil and India, this website is getting overrated performance. Those who seek sex partner are using this site maximally, some showing censored while some with uncensored pictures.

adnan.jpgAdnan Patrawala


We use to be covered by faces by anytime, anywhere and in any condition. Faces of friends, relatives, known as well as unknowns etc. do not let us to feel alone. But indeed, each and every time one is always alone, even in the crowd one is alone. Reality Bites. Friends, relatives all these walk with us while loneliness is within us.

Whenever a person feel something good, he first leaves soft smile, do even a little bit but do conversation with himself. Like saying ‘yea’, ‘I got it’ etc. he first express his feeling to himself. This symbolizes that unknowingly he is making loneliness as his friend because there is no one to walk with him in his whole life. He has to hold his own hand, no one from the crowd is there to do that.

Men in alone condition can watch things more properly and more differently as they get enough time to think and see things in different manner.