Neerja #A_Nice# — Movie that co-relate Humanity with Responsibility

Posted: August 31, 2016 in movie मन्थन
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I think, It won’t be an exaggerated thing if I say it is the best performance ofsonam20kapoor_3 Sonam Kapoor till the date. And, In fact, her physical along with facial appearance is somehow matching with the original character Neerja Bhanot, is a plus point too for her.

Neerja, an air-hostess, did the best in terms of humanity and her responsibility when she along with her entire crew plus passengers were in a terrible condition of hijacking by some terrorists. And this movie via showing her such courageous act, is trying to portray the meaning of being human, focusing more on being a responsible human.


Even at the worst condition, she tackled the situation calmly and did conversation with hijackers to let her do job of providing water and food to the feared passengers. Using soft voice, she convinced the gunmen not to create more fear within the abductees, since chaos could create problem in the plan of their own. In this way, she let the mass feel safe air despite of being in an unsafe environment. Not only she cared the afraid people, but also saved many life through the use of right decision at right time. She did whatever she could do from her side in such fearful condition, though she couldn’t save her own life at the end. She lost herself while making some kid to escape. She was shot by one of the abductor.

Due to Neerja’s such brave action, she was awarded not only in her own country but also out of India. And her such fearless brave-heart, would always inspire the people through out the world. Salute!!

NOTE:- I know, the English isn’t so good. That’s why I’m writing to know the mistakes 🙂

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  1. Hajurko Rachana dherai uthkrista chha. yestai rachana ko lagi hami hajur lai dhanyabaad dina chahanchhau. kunai pani saman niskulka kharid garna wa bechna marketsewa rojnu hola


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