My First Kiss..

Posted: February 9, 2008 in me n myself
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‘PLZ, don’t look me like this. I can’t control.’ I broke the silence.

I saw a tear falling in her cheeks. I couldn’t see at her face, I turned.

‘Ok.’ She cleansed her eyes’But I need the answer, why ? Why did you do this to me ?’

What should I say in the answer of why ? The whole fault was mine. I have never thought that a small April 1st play would be turned in this way.

Date: 2006 April 1st (……Recalling the past……)
Day : Saturday
Time: Morning
Place: At Niku’s Terrace

‘What ?’ She ‘ You must be kidding, Amit.’

No words from my side. My body started to tremble and soon I realized that the hairs of my hand were in straight condition. Seeing my this kind of different condition, she then didn’t ask any question.

‘Niku, I don’t know when it happened with me..I am sorry, Niku, I am in love with you.’ With breaking voices, I spoiled myself. She saw my poor and red eyes and holding my head in her shoulder, she said
‘ give me some time, Amit to think about it.’

Sometimes in excitement one’s mind doesn’t work. To make the April 1st successful and must memorable my mind did the same as it didn’t think about the result.

The result of drama(of mine) in Niku’s Terrace is now standing in front of mine with question, why ?

‘I am so sorry, Amit. I fell in love with you, a cheap person who do play with one’s feeling.’
‘I beg you niku, plz forgive me. I didn’t have to play April 1st in that way.’ I hold her in my arms(embrace) and we both then started to cry together.

‘ I love you, Amit.’

‘ I can’t Niku. Love is full of responsiblity and I am not enough strong to hold it with full of courage.’

 Silent Love, First Kisssilent love

Silent and Soft Love that separated with each other through one kiss….

After removing hair from her face, I dragged her lips close to my lips. She closed her eyes and took a deep breathe. The lips of both were wanting to make our relation in love by locking with each other. The hot air coming out from the inner were making the lips dry. They were too close each other that they could feel each other. I slowly and softly kissed her lips and did respect of her love. Then I kissed on the cheek, swallowing her tears I said

‘PLZ ! Niku, Let me go away from your life taking your tear.’

That was my first kiss, a kiss that do stop my heart beating whenever I remember it.

People do engage in love with first kiss, I was being detached with my love……

Note: Truely and honestly inspired by My first kiss , written by Speed.

  1. waliz says:

    my first kiss was wth my first bf…it was an innocent kiss..pure and without any lust in it… i still remember it till this day…did i regret? no…i took it as an experience…


  2. ametya says:

    Love makes life lovely while lust makes life lonely…You are lucky waliz your first kiss was totally out of lust.


  3. speed says:

    Great writing bro ….. this is a lovely story …….. thoug it has a sadistic tone ………… it left a smile on my face ……… First Kiss nobody can ever forget ………


  4. ametya says:

    Thank you speed that you liked it..And thank you again to provide a hint to write in abt kiss…If you hadn’t written abt first kiss then i think this article wouldn’t be in existence….


  5. Nabin says:


    I like your blog, and would like to exchange links. If that is acceptable.

    On your quest I have posted my code that I have used in blogger template.

    To be honest, I have rarely used wordpress, and know little about it. However, try:


  6. Navin says:

    When I’ve friends like you, I don’t have to go to bookstore to get books and read. You guys are wonderful writers.

    Ametya Ji, may be Niku had a blind infatuation towards you but the whole story went like a cinema, I happened to create that kind of cinema effects where each of your words were creating scenes and I was enjoying reading it. Nice work but I felt sorry for Niku whatsoever.


  7. Navin says:

    ooops, that doesn’t mean, I want to read free, please publish your first book, I’ll purchase it happily 🙂


  8. ametya says:

    something like that happened with me..not exactly above..the whole above is my total imagination with a little bit experience from my life….


  9. aAkaR says:

    Only imaginations??????………….it’s too boaring yar…………….i’ve think it’s ur rel first kissssssssss…………..hahaha…….


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