Who am I ?

Posted: February 23, 2008 in zust जमर्को

म के ??? – पहाडी कि मधेशी !!!!

The current situation bound me to think ‘who am I ?’. My parents climbed down from Mountain to Terai in the dream of getting something. I got birth here in Terai. No, I am not saying Terai as Madhesh. I don’t know am I true or not, but the Madhesh word gives me the smell of India while Terai seems of ours.

Who am I ? A pahadiya, Madhesi, Nepali or an Indian ? Due to my parent’s birth, am I a Pahadiya or as I borned here, so Madhesi ? Even though living in Nepal, I am not feeling myself as a Nepali, Is that mean am I an Indian ? I may be an Indian(very hurted to think this), as in each and every point Nepal do talk to Indian leaders to know what to do and what not to do. Nepal will be paralysed if India leaves it’s support. This is the biggest unfortune of Nepal and Nepali. I need my identity. Then, who am I ?

In mountain Limbuwan, Khumbuwan are crying and in Terai Madheshi, Tharuwan are agitating , meanwhile in valley(ktm) Newar are violating to separate their lands with self decision control. If that happend then which one will my place ? or will I be a refugee ???

If I became a refugee, then who would take that responsibility ?

Seven party, Maoist, King or Agitating Groups

If I were, then I would blame Maoist for my condition because to change someone, something is required to be changed and that something mean system while Maoists are deterioating it in the name of making good.
  1. salik says:

    You’re first a human being, my friend… we don’t need tag of being a Nepali, Newari, Pahadi or Madhesi? Do you want one? I guess I don’t want to be anything anymore but just a simple human being. A good one if I can be.Good luck.


  2. Speed says:

    Salik its not about tagging , its rather a search for identity. I am not trying to be a racist but when a person loses his identity he ceases to exist. But then everybody is free to have their view as democracy still exists.As for you my dear friend ametya , search no longer for your identity as you are a blogger. You are a self proclaimed journoauthor .


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