Chatting of Current Situation in Curfew

Posted: February 23, 2008 in zust जमर्को
६२-६३ को जनआन्दोलन-२ मा घाइते बालक

Biratnagar is facing regular band(closing) due to agitation of Madhesi community. Recently curfew encountered with the citizens of Biratnagar. In spite of their bound to do work, they were compelled to chat about current condition in chowk as there was no any alternative in curfew.

Some were blaming Maoists to scatter the seed of self decision power concept with caste, ethinicity difference subject while some were cursing King not to handle properly his rulling. Alliances, Madhesi even Human Right Organization became the subject of their.

This I, found intresting to listen their opinion (Tarka, Bitarka) having different view from each other.

One : Girija is playing a good play, He used Mahant Thakur to solve all these problems. Mahant Thakur with his party is the concept of Girija. In tomorrow, Mahant Thakur will handover the key by accumulating and locking all problems in one room.

जनआन्दोलन-२ मा यत्रतत्र छरिएका आन्दोलनकारीका चप्पलहरु

Two : In the same way Bhutan had done, the people borned in Madhesh will be allowed to live here and the rest (those who were climbed down from mountain) will be chased away. Later the remaining pahadiya will also be chased to capture the whole land by them.

Three : Who gave Madhesi to speak in that way ? It would be right if local ethinic group including Tharu, Satar etc. agitated demanding genuine right. This recent violating group are not locals, these are migrated Indians.

Four : The whole stuff got disturbed due to the unsystematic provision of citizenship. Indians took advantage of it.

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