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Posted: February 14, 2008 in article aim
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‘What will you do if the girl you love is same your friend love ?’

“If my love is true then she will understand me, else I will understand him. Inspite of his true love(if) if I don’t respect, then I will realize that my love is turning in to jealousy. Whoever’s love, she must get true and perfect love only.”


sign of lovelove and और क्या ?

Nice answer of the question asked in MTV Roadies show, but isn’t that  a philosophical one ? Or is it a perfect one that must be answered by each facing the same question above ?

‘What do you define that your love is not a fashion ?’
“Feeling of something in stomach, that is not for food”

The questions with answers and the answers with a lot of questions above shows that there are a lot of questions(puzzles) relating with love. But there isn’t any class or teacher to give a perfect and solid answer(solution) of each.

A boy rejected his friend’s love proposal saying this is not a time for love. Later, she rejected his “friends forever” proposal saying she can’t see him as a friend only. Who is right here ? What is the actual time of love ? Can’t lover be friend only ?

What defines a love ? sex, age, ….or what ?
‘If a girl seeks girl as her love, then ?’
‘If a boy, 25 yrs, finds his love in 40 yrs old woman, then ?’

“Well, love can’t be bounded in a boundary. It’s like air, all need it, it can go anywhere.”-the answer of just above question given by a philosopher. “Love should be come with respect. Respect do a function of bridge to fill the gap of age, same sex, etc..”

 The answer seems satisfactory but do battle with the ‘friends forever’ puzzle. Why did the proposal fail since there was a respect of love from the boy side ?

vibration of lovei am in love

We all cry love, love, love. Bla,Bla, Blah. ‘I love you.’ we use to shout. We sing love songs like पहला नशा पहला खुँमार when we feel ourselves in love. Are we really ? There are a lot of confusions and questions that need to be get answered. But by whom ????….. by yourself.

“CHoose a fresh environment. Sit properly folding your legs. Stretch your body. Hang your hands. Close your eyes. Focus mind. Be concentrated. Feel yourself in a vacuum. Experience a null. Then start to ask questions. Now be ready to get the answers that your heart wants to say but you haven’t heard them yet.

  1. Navin says:

    What an intrigued question? I should think more of it …..(five minutes later) and I think this has something to do with triangle love story(such a phony tag for a relation like love.). But to my understanding, these days, people think from their perspectives. If it’s to get a love, no matter what, he/she does that, for that, may be.. may be, he/she even ditch his/her friendships to otherside. So, love stands first, I guess and in above scenario , ummm.. the answer could be based upon whom actually a Girl chooses. Rather sticking with boys’ point of view.
    If its’ with boys, they’ll try hard to get girls love or will they sacrifice?? I dunno.. it’s hard to find ppl like that these days.

    Nice topic, Ametya Ji
    Happy Valentines days My friend 🙂


  2. aAkaR says:

    not to need so much brief abt love………… is love………watever it would be……….


  3. Sameer says:

    It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone. But it takes a lifetime to forget someone……….. Ametya’s jee this situation is very strange hope no one can face this …….but life is with full on uncertainty anything can be happen in life any time, imagine if happen than I ask with girl who love she me or friend. Than I take a decision.


  4. Dheri ramro cha lekhai. Tara why do u have so many tags?


  5. ametya says:

    Thank you Welcome to Paradise…
    Tags are for those reader who want to read other articles through going tag of wordpress. To get me properly i have used so many tags so that they could caught me through the tag.


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