“How my one vote stoled by Chure Bhawar ???”

Posted: April 11, 2008 in me n myself

SInce this was my first vote, so i was too curious for the day of voting but at the same time i disappointed to myself as i got the news that i like youth could also be participated in the list of observer, later. I slapped myself not giving much more enthusiam to CA election . I lost the seat for observer, it’s my unfortune and careless too.

I already have decided that my two votes will be for sun (UML) and tree (Congress). I think, UML is unlucky like me, evenafter fighting with a long time duration, it hasn’t got the opportunity to make it’s own government like RPP and Congress. Once it got but only for 9 months short duration. So, one vote to UML was confirmed from my side.

I can’t waste my vote by giving it to maoist. No, i am not against Maoist rather their undisciplaned and disgusting behaviour. If their activities had been changed then it was sure my both votes would be for maoist only, since all the agendas that are being raised has been produced by them.

In the accidential official meeting, with a CHURE BHAWAR candidate, Ghanshyam Tandan Chetri, suddenly i asked
this question, ” Are you armed group ??”

Since my knowledge toward these small groups was null, so with curisity my tongue without bone asked the above question in fast manner. CHURE BHAWAR isn’t an armed group. So, may this question pinched him internally that people are treating us as armed group though we are not. He tried to explain what is BHAWAR and later after 10-20 minutes , instead of his busy schedule and programs he came again with a lot of pamplets and declaration paper to define his party more to me.

I know these small parties are like bubbles of water only for few seconds. But how do i manage my votes as he, the Chure Bhawar Candidate, has recently done a nice activity that impressed my heart deeply.

In what way Congress has played the role to make itself as a table for all alliances so that their problems can be listened and solved, seeing that one vote of mine was for it. But later i decided if I leave Congress, there would be no any change. Since it is a big party, so even in the lack of my one vote, it would get it’s position. But at the same time my that one vote can do a lot for small group like CHURE BHAWAR.
The managing problem hasn’t been solved yet. Among the two votes, which one will be for CHURE BHAWAR ?

Since my one vote for particular person(Ghanshyam Tandan Chetri) would be like wastage regarding direct seat since either Mahesh Acharya (Congress) or Mahesh Regmi(UML) was almost confirmed analysing the situation.

So I decided to give my vote to BHAWAR in SAMANUPATIC(Proportional) so that my one vote could be valuable for his party to make a valuable seat in the Constitution Assembly.

So, the conclusion of whole above is I voted UML(Sun) for direct and CHURE BHAWAR(Sudarshan Chakra) for proportional.

The moral of the story,

माओवादी मित्रहरु, भोट लिन चुरे भावर जस्तै मन चोर्न सक्नु पर्छ,  गुण्डागर्दी गरेर हैन….

  1. lamo says:

    What a fuck…..The current result of Election Commision are showing what a fuck is this article. Fuck you Mr. Ametya…


  2. ametya says:

    ha..ha..why fuck you only, Mr. Lamo ji….???
    Let me complete you

    “Mr. Ametya what a blady fucker you are. You are a sick person and your articles are totally disgusting. I would like to piss off in your blogsite.”

    You have 100 % right to scold Ametya and his articles but at the same time you have 0 % right to scold Amit, his personnel thing and his family. So, keeping this thing in mind you are free to scold Ametya and his articles since you are his reader. But by the way that wasn’t my article that was just my view so under the file “me n myself”

    Since i am strticly against the “comment blocking” phenomena so don’t be scared that your scolding comment will be deleted unless and until the comment is related with Ametya and his writting, not with Amit. So, what are you waiting ??? I am waiting your another bold comment lamo ji……


  3. waliz says:

    hi ametya..u should use your conscience when u vote…


  4. aAkaR says:

    ye…ye………..finally you got it………………here (sarlahi-origin of bhawar),we all voted bhawar in proportional (samanupatik),,,,,, and it’s not an armed group nor a political patry……..just it’s an organization………..thank you very much….and lastly don’t need to worry frm people like lamo and choto ji…………just go on……..they are scared……..and are mentally sick….


  5. roopess says:

    HAHAHA Funny convo in the comment page.. By the way this time, election many of us surprised. It’s good in one hand and may be not good on the other.. But I accept the result happily and positively… I thought I may vote for Maoists, that was my thought of my subconscious mind.. Well whatever be.. There’s now some hope remaining… Cheeer up!!!


  6. nabin says:

    About the captcha on comment:

    I am afraid of spam messages. Captcha helps to prevent posting such messages.
    Please bear with captcha.

    Thank You for stopping by.
    (Please delete)

    I would like to read strong article on the after math of election. Try some.


  7. Basanta says:

    I have no comment on your UML vote, but want to thank you for your vote to Chure-Bhawar.


  8. Vahsek says:

    Though late, I read your post.
    Well, it’s an individual’s right to choose the party. Your one vote made the CBES win a seat in the PR. Congrats:P


  9. Ramesh Nepali says:

    I request you to look at how much votes “The Madhesi Parties” got in Chitwan and Dang in both systems and only say that how they can be in Madhes state where there will be Maithili or Vojpuri a state language. In my opinion: from Morang to Sarlahi- Mithila Rajya, Rautahat, Bara, Parsa, Nawalparasi, Rupandehi and kapilvastu- Vojpura and Banke-Abadh(excluding Chitwan and Dang where there only a few Madhesis(almost nill) live). There should be east Chure-Bhawar(from Morang to Sarlahi), central Chure-Bhawar(Rautahat to Parsa) and west Chure- Bhawar(Nawalparasi to Banke, excluding Dang).


  10. Transponder says:

    And to ramesh nepali…First of all can you plz give me the defination of Madhesh n Madhesi ?????

    I don’t know what is the proper defination of them ?? I hope you have…


  11. Ramesh Nepali says:

    OK, Ok, Friends, Don’t go silly with your genetic definition (personally I’m not in this favour, it is the line of Madhesi Parties and Madhesi people who voted(and how… that was wow.. wow…. 12% votes for “pure madhesi parties”.. imagine it… Chure bhawar getting that much… never, it will happen never), because madhesi people know their genetics, but we pahade dont, and living in Terai most of us just simply think, oh.. I’m also Madhesi.. look .. i’m like you… love to watch Indian tv, films, songs, i can speak in Maithili or Vojpuri… etc, etc.. before that they when you have to leave from your place foreever.
    So if anybody want to know what is Madhesi– ask them, not us. They want single Madhes, but Pahade dont want Chure Bhawar (just 28000 votes), they are dividing wall between us and they will go further… Do you realise it, whoever is reading my this comment? You may think i’m more provocative, no Sir, its my prognosis as a person who a little know world history of different nations. Now you have understood what is Madhesi– they are who are aware of their genetics.


  12. aAkaR says:

    Ramesh dai,never be wrong ………………


  13. speed says:

    prognosis or random biased analysis????? Seemed more like you are adding another brick into the wall they are building ……….

    glad to know you voted for what you felt right …….. as for me i thought i would divide my votes between MB and NC but i guess i am a capitalist both by birth and by hear so both votes for NC ……………


  14. HanaPipers says:



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