A series of thanks in the eve of new year

Posted: April 11, 2008 in me n myself

This year 2064 had brought a lot of identification to me. Not only engineer but also blogger identification has been tagged with me. In the eve of new year 2065 Ametya would like to thank some of blog friends who helped me directly as well as indirectly, may they know it or not.

Waliz : Thank you waliz, because your words worked to me. Ya, time will change everything, I am not feeling guilty anymore. The concept of mine  sharing of my personnel things to random person like you to whom i don’t know personnely really did work.

Navin : For constant monitoring to me as well as providing a nice environment so that i could feel confidence in blogging.

Aakar : No words for him, just a poem…..

प्रतिक्षारत आँखा
फेरी हिम्मत जुटाउँदै
कमेन्टका चाहमा
केबस्याथ्यो ?
पहिलो कमेन्टले नै जुरुक्कै उचाल्यो
जो भन्थ्यो “keep it up” साथी “keep it up”

हो त्यो आकार नै त थियो
जसले शुन्यतामा साथ दियो
भोलिको भविष्यको आश दियो
अनी आफ्नोपनको एक आभाष दियो

बिचार को
द्वन्दमा आकार अमेत्य
भोली के होला ? थाहा छैन ।
तर अमेत्यलाई ताते देखि
चाख मानेर हेरिरहेको आकारलाई
अमेत्य कहिल्यै भुल्नेछैन ।

Even if Ametya wrote a book to you, then that would be little for you as you have helped in his emptyness. Aakar you were the 1st commentator of my both sites. Ametya – a Journathor and Ametya – a Transponder

While talking abt comments i have started to love Umesh and Speed‘s comments.

Umesh for his straightness and Speed for his good analysis.

What to say abt speed ?? He never give any comment unless and until he read that article with a full analysis and when he give, then no one can do any argunment with his comment. Thank you again to him because seeing him i am doing daring to write articles on sex.

Recently i have done a survey (a kind of search and analysis) on bisexuals and has written article World’s Largest Minority in Hamro aawaz.

Also see the sex related pictures while found during such survey in sex sites in internet, Mangina – Man’s Vagina

A lot of thank you to you all …..and happy new year 2065.

  1. Navin says:

    Happy New Year DOST.


  2. Sameer says:

    best wishes in this year also you can lean lots of things and be a famous blogger and get success in life.


  3. waliz says:

    maybe its tooooo late for me to say Happy New Year but i still want to wish u today..i’m glad my words can change your perceptions and make u more happier as a person…we should help each other till last my friend….take a good care of yourself…:D


  4. aAkaR says:

    oh ! Is it so ?? hehe……. 🙂


  5. speed says:

    Happy new year ….. though it much late
    Been busy these days ………..


  6. speed says:

    Happy new year ….. though it much late
    Been busy these days ………..


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