Ssss…hhh don’t tell it to anyone

Posted: April 14, 2009 in me n myself

shhh-its-a-secretSss..hhh. Keep Quite. I will tell you the secret of mine. I haven’t share it with anyone before, neither with my friends nor with my family.

Each of us have some secrets hiding in one’s heart so securally that hard to search by others. But I couldn’t control it to hide anymore.I have to express it. My mom used to say that “Secret should be, always be.”means with one’s die it has to end. But upto when ? There is a limit of everything.

In the start of 2066 , I am revealing my one of TOP SECRET ……read it and do promise to make it secrect ………..

…………………..                    ……………………….           …………..

“Oe,what the hell you are doing ?”

‘aahh…(I got a slap). Why did you slap me ?’

“I did because it’s my responsiblity.”

‘what? who the hell are you to do that?’

“Whoever I am, that is not the point. What you were going to do that is the main point.”

‘oh, ridiculous, whatever I do,why your head feels ache ?’

(another slap) “Now, do dare to ask again”

‘I do. What will you do ?’

(another, not a slap, a kick)

‘Oh, you kicked in my….aa….hhh’ I hawled.

“Why don’t I kick you, Mr. Blogger ? You were doing wrong, so I kicked you.”

‘how ?’ I groned.

“You were opening the secrets.”

‘then what ?’

“Oh dumb, it’s the secrets. Secrets should be opened when it is necessary depending on the time.”

‘It means don’t I have the proper time to share it ?’

” Yea, Now you got me. Your mom is absolutely right. Hold your secret tightly, don’t express it in anywhere and in anytime.”

‘Ok, I will think of you, but you slapped me very hard.’

“Sorry for that” he left a soft smile.

‘Who are you?’

“Don’t think who i am, just think that i am watching you and your each step.”

‘Do i meet you again ?’

“Obviously. Whenever you step toward wrong direction, I will come to alert you.”

‘Don’t you let me know your name ?’

“Hah, what is there in name ?”

‘Then say about your residence ?’

“Uh, now you are inquaring like an inspector.”

‘How do i trust you that you will come to alert me in my wrong movement ?’

“You have to believe it. Look in to my eyes. What do you see ?”

‘There is nothing except I….’

“Then ?”

‘…Oh no, so sorry. I didn’t recognize you before.’

“It’s all right. Now you can feel confident with me.”

‘I thougt you were soul.’

“I am. Why are you feeling so shy ? Don’t be.”


“You can share your secrets with me, if you want to”

‘but you just told me not to open the secret..’

“Who made this dumb a blogger ?” he shouted. “Don’t you feel with whom you are talking ?”

‘Ok. I will tell you. But i am feeling odd to tell it.’

“Now, you are doing drama enough. Say it, otherwise be ready to get another kick”

‘Ok, ok, i will. I used to urinate in my bed till the age 12.’



“Oh Jesus. Save me from this unique person.”

‘Why am i unique?’

“Like you, your secrets. Uh, disgusting. I think there is no one in this earth like you. I thought the secret was heavy.”

‘I have another one. Do i ?’

“another…? Oh no, (scratching his head), I must have to leave you before I be mad.”

‘Where are you going ?’

He didn’t answer me but left a paper where was written

“Do search a blogger like you so that you two can read your each other’s blog because only you type of blogger can read you, not I.”

Conversation with myself …………..

  1. Eternal says:

    “Do search a blogger like you so that you two can read your each other’s blog because only you type of blogger can read you, not I.”


    So ready to searh Ametya Ji ?

    It was funny to know ur secret…


  2. मिलन says:

    cute…the said secret is funny…

    but whetever u told at end is touching..and in some aspects, may be close to reality.

    some says I am a blogger, so that i cant give proof of myself to say other than bloggers also read the blog throughly…

    but yes there are many guys who disappear in the blog and comment but has been reading every post throughly. just like i used to do before some months…

    and one more different thing…

    your writing is perfect..i need to learn frm u…


  3. prakass says:

    haahhaaah!the secrets ….the secrets that ametya jee started talking himself…dude..gotz his he crazy?speaking himself????the secrets ….just kidding ametya jee..never mind i made u bla bla…but u know ”make the habit of keeping some secrets”….secrets…………


  4. S@m says:




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