It’s ur duty to burn off too

Posted: April 2, 2014 in article aim
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It’s your duty to burn off too..  2014-03-29 23.51.13

Ya, it’s your life and you are absolutely free to live as you want to. Whatever you do, it’s up to you but the moral of the life says that the effects from your life shouldn’t affect the life of others. You drink, ok, but you can’t make a noisy environment after drinking.

After the regular duty of office, while returning my mobile got a chance to snap a precious scene, street kids smoking. Here, smoking wasn’t a curiosity rather from where do they get cigarettes was my curious part. My enthusiasm got chilled when I came to know that it’s the thrown cigarettes that they use to pick up. In the conversation with them I also realized that to be a poor and orphan means what in actual. Not only that, the real footage of so called NGO got also cleared in mind.

Each one has life and free to live as he desires but this right should be obeyed in right manner. Unknowingly, the cigarette that you are throwing in burned stage is being used by others and it’s the kids who are using them.

You smoke, you got relaxed and so it’s your responsibility to turn off it too. Besides above mentioned fact, the burning ash can cause a severe damage if it got a chance to convert itself in the form of fire.

By throwing, the unused part of smoke in burned stage here and there in road or elsewhere, you not only inviting a fire but also being a cause for such poor street kids to mislead their path.

Throw the unused part of cigarette in its own place means garbage or if you can’t do that then at least please vanish the unused burning part through the use of your foot so that no any street kid could use it again.

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