I m in love..?

Posted: May 2, 2010 in कविता कुण्ड

Smthing has happened to me
I feel like i m in the sky
I felt never like this before
I m in change, I m sure

Silence is being my friend
Environment is new
Smilling knocks the door
I guess i m in love,is it true?

Really I don’t ve the word
How much i m excited
What didn’t i do
to get a date with u

I was closest of ur
Even though i was far
In stead of saying hi to u
I always used to be shy

Frm outside i was nice
In inner there was a tide
My life was roaming n out of control
These all were happening due to the absence of ur

Even in the crowd
I was alone
Despite of having a name
There was a ? who i m

I wept, I cried
I sweated whole the night
I lost id, I lost my apetite
I even tried to do suicide

Now my life got a change
It is full of enjoy n courage
I did struggle n got the chance
I made some principles to govern my life

One thing we all should realize
To live a life love is must
One can nt move even a single step
If he is nt in love…..with himself
Thnk u hey god ! I m in love …with myself

  1. arjun says:

    yes brow i m also in love..? realy this poem tells about my recent accident….


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