Easily access the blocked sites through the use of VPN software : Hotspot Shield

Posted: December 14, 2009 in info itch

If you are an office employee and are blocked to open internet sites like google, facebook , youtube etc. , then say thanks to this software called as VPN software with the help of which you can access any sites rather it is in blocked list. Hotspot Shield is one of such software.

Before downloading it, be sure that you are a member of administator so that you can download it. If you are not , then also don’t be panic since we have proxy sites to access internet. An IP will be provided to you while running this software and that will by pass your data in such a way that now you can freely open any site without any obstacle.

Hotspot Shield creates a virtual private network (VPN) between your laptop or desktop and our Internet gateway. This impenetrable tunnel prevent ISP’s from viewing your web browsing activities, instant messages, downloads or anything else you send over the network. Hotspot Shield security application is free to download, employs the latest VPN technology, and is easy to install and use.The presence of firewall can cause the system to be slow due to struggling of it with firewall to get traffic for accessing blocked sites.
But do remember one thing that you are on duty and it’s your responsibility to do your job in specified time. If you are free then only use this link so that you could search some information on internet which can help your leisure time fruitful.
It would be nice to break the office rule to seek information on internet rather wasting your time on gossiping and on gaming.
So download VPN software : HOTSPOT SHIELD and enjoy the use of internet in positive way by accessing blocked sites in your office or school .


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