काठमांडौ- मान्छेले मान्छे खाने बस्ती ???

Posted: May 3, 2008 in me n myself

के अरे ?
अट्टहास पूर्ण हाँसो अनी पुन: प्रश्न, “यत्रो लाठे भइसक्दा एकचोटि पनि काठमांडौ गएकै छैनस् त ??”

लाज र संकोच मिश्रित मेरो जवाफ, “जानु पर्ने कुनै कामै परेन अनी फेरी पढाई पनि यि बिराटनगरमा नै सकाए अनी”

मानिसको स्वभाव कन्जुस र पनि दयालु हुन्छ ।  खौरेर मसिनो र दिएर आफ्नो त कहिल्यै हुँदैन, तर पनि सल्लाह सुझावको कुरामा उपरोक्त उखान लागु हुँदैन । अर्ती , उपदेश यसरी दिइन्छ कि मानौं दिनु धर्म हो – शब्द दान । भोली बातावरण बिग्रदो परिस्थिती नआओस् भनी ज्ञान दिनु राम्रो हो तर जब यिनै ज्ञान डर र त्रासको बातावरण आँफैले सिर्जना गरिदिन्छन् तब ???

त जन्डिसेलाई जन्डिस भइरहन्छ, फेरी बल्झेला, होस् गर्नु
त्यहाँ हरेक चिज बेचिइन्छन्, आफुलाई बेचिनबाट जोगाएस्
कहिल्यै घर नछोडेको तँ, तँलाई गार्‍हो हैन महागार्‍हो  हुन्छ ।
अहिले सम्म संगत बिग्रेको छैन, संगत बिगारिस् भने घरमा पाइलै  नटेक्नु

यि सब त ठिकै थिए, एकछिन श्वासप्रश्वास स्तब्ध भएको महसुस मैले तब गरे जब सुझावको पेटिमा मैले यो पाए,

“काठमांडौ मान्छेले मान्छे खाने बस्ती हो, beware from human”
I don’t  know where they right or not but i want to make a memory of this first Kathmandu Trip…….

Date of arrival : 2065 – 01- 10
Location : Koteshwor

My eye got opened in ktm for few second when i saw :

1) A college girl frm +2 (i think) smoking.

2) A guy with age 19-20 said bye to his gf by giving kiss openly in Koteshwor Ringroad.


  1. speed says:

    Lau esto negative impression narakhum ha kathmandu ko …….. negatives ra positives ta jata ni hunchaa ni ……………


  2. aAkaR says:

    in Ktm……… ur experience ???


  3. ShutUp says:

    Hahaha. No one’s written any poem for me ever !


  4. Basanta says:

    That tounge kiss etc. is not a problem bro. Or at least, it can’t be stopped in this globalized hollywood controlled world. But if a city, a nation doesn’t lose its good heart and kindness, it is enough, tounge kiss etc. don’t matter.

    Though being from Kathmandu, I don’t have much affection towards it. In fact, I get frightened by KTM. So all my adult life till now, I am running away from it. While I was in Nepal for 7 years after graduation, I spent my time mostly in Pokhara (and some months in Ilam). Kathmandu has become the greatest victim of Nepalese politics.
    I just hope this thing called federalism will give some breathing space to KTM and I will be able to go back again there.


  5. roopess says:

    Nice to know you were in Kathmandu. and nice to read about your experience in Kathmandu. Every person has his own right to interprete things in their own way. And any objection cannot be worthy enough rather punishable sometimes.
    So far Kathmandu is related, I take it as a human museum where you can find number of antique humans of their own type and nature. The most important thing is HOW YOU SEE THEM and WHY DO YOU SEE THEM? And nothing is so bad in musuem as they are their to be exchibited for what they have.
    Regardinng scenes you saw in Kathmandu, What is wrong about a girl smoking? Do you smoke or not? IF you smoke why do you do and if u don’t why don’t you do? Find some reasonable reasons. Another scene, a goodbye kiss on the street… Do you love? Have you ever kissed a girl with passion or without passion? And do you have experience of romance?? Moreover try to find the reason why teenaers feel free to express what they like anywhere anytime. Thenafter your article would be more adorable. If I am wrong.. lets have some chitchat.


  6. Lama says:

    I think Kathmandu is more congested than ever….

    But I love my birthplace Kathmandu 🙂


  7. Safal says:

    i don’t find faults with women smoking…but i understand how a person from nepal, who has respect for women feels when he sees a young girl smoking in public.. even most guys are afraid to smoke in public aware that their parents might know..nonetheless times are changing…

    about the tongue kiss..i never saw it back in nepal..however, i wondered what would have happened if some ycl men saw that scene..i have seen a lot of news in indian news channels in which people were criticized and taken into custody for kissing in public…even shilpa and some guy called richard had to face some consequences because of that act..

    nonetheless, i feel that people can fuck, kiss, or do anything…but have some respect for older people who aren’t used to thinking in the same way as you do…take your gf to some restaurant and lick every part of her, but why show some kissing scenes in public.. i am kind of opposed to that in the context of nepal.. at least i would refrain from doing it, not because i find it bad but out of respect for some traditional values..


  8. roopess says:

    “I don’t believe in love…..but can believe in sex” This makes you weak when u comment a matter of love.. When you talk about responsibilities then why arent u talking abt romance? and when u talk abt romance there are no hard and fast rules of romance..place , situation, environment etc are always secondary. See man! every coin has two sides and there must be these two sides in other things too. And when u say you don’t beleive in love How can you dare to define love??? Thats not fair bro!!
    And another thing the girl from +2 smoking… may she be from class 5 either .. theres nothing to bother about. Is there? You know many of the elderly people smoke. My grandfather does smoke HUKKA and ciggarettes too. Can u oppose them? I take the girl as a teenager and i know when she feels its wrong she will get rid of it. Otherwise it will go on and later you will not get surprised. Even our PM smokes yar. Moreover a girl from +2 smoking in the street is not a big deal in comparision to the young boys in the street, the street children puffing out dendrites continuously and being engaged in theft and robbery to taste dendrites. Thats far more serious thing. PAISA HUNE HARU LE J GARE NI KEHI FARAK PARDAINA BRO..TARA LOWER CLASS KAA HARU LE KEHI NARAAMRO GARE BHANE TEHA CHAI STUNT HUNUPARCHHA!! isnt it??


  9. Lama says:

    Yeah, kathmandu is the capital city and it’s the main centralized venue of the country. Kathmandu holds Statesmanship. That’s the main reason, why people from all over the country is flocking in here.
    Ten years ago, Kathmandu wasn’t like this, it’s all the people who came from other than this valley made this city look ugly like this.
    So many people, I urge, Pokhara should be made next capital else kathmandu will be over-populated.. God knows..

    Ametya Ji, these PDA(personal display of affection) is normal. don’t bother about it. western culture is engulfing.. over-runnning ones cultural norms and values. nobody cares.. must be surprising for you..

    and those prostitutes on ratnapark, I’ve only few words to you ‘ Be safe’.

    I’m hearing these days, pickpocketers are in rise. ‘Be safe’.

    Kathmandu City is congested but around the City, it’s very beautiful…Nagarkot, shivapoori, chobar.. go there too. 🙂


  10. Safal says:

    Oops…you basically said the same thing I was saying.

    And, about what is love? I don’t know it just happens. Maybe that turns into a disaster later, but, nonetheless, we can’t judge. I fell in love when I was in class 5 and it was pretty intense and good for both of us. We don’t know what’s in store in the future, and it’s just a like a risky investment..or sth like that if it doesn’t sound correct. Nevertheless, this is totally subjective, and like many things else, generalizations can’t be made.


  11. आकार says:

    oK… gO oN =>


  12. आकार says:

    खासमा भन्ने हो भने मलाई काठमाडौँ जान मन नै लाग्दैन । जता हेर्यो फोहोर र प्रदुषण मात्र छ, ट्राफिक जाम उस्तै छ, फेरी पानी को पनि अनिकाल ! मलाई त काठमाडौँ देश को राजधानी हो भन्न पनि लाज लाग्छ । जानैपर्ने काम हुन्छ र, मात्रै अन्यथा म काठमाडौँ नै जान्न । या भनौँ जान मन लाग्दैन ।


  13. speed says:

    Bro i guess you need to be a lil liberal. I mean if there is no problem with a teenage guy smoking then there is no problem with a teenage girl smoking. I guess its totally her choice (but i don’t like smokers whoever may it be). And do believe in love because LOVE is a very powerful thing. Love as in just a relationship is incorrect thing because love is so much more. I guess you wanted to say that love is not just relationship and you ended up saying you don’t believe in love. There is no specific place for expression of love and their kiss for me was just innocence and not a show off.

    I totally agree that its the centerlized system that is making Kathmandu such a polluted place. You don’t have to look back so many years to realize this. During constituent assembly election Kathmandu was not so packed and there were so less traffic.

    And yeah i would like to repeat that every place has positives and negatives. Looking forward for your next articles ametya .


  14. roopess says:

    ….don’t get love as something else, not the jealousy, not the lust, nothing else. Love is human solidarity expressed in any of the means but expression itself isn’t love. It can be for living or non living existants. May be you caught me somewhere else like in teenage love. But dear, don’t get into specific occasions. People who live in hypothesis may not understand what love is and may not beleive in love but that doesn’t matter. Everybody has love in his heart and that works if …Click this link to see full version comment.


  15. Deelip K says:

    I’m leaving in ktm since last 5 years and haven’t yet seen kissing shamelessly like that yet. Kathmandu is not that bad dude.


  16. meellon says:

    I guess tongue kiss is not bad if done in private. अमितले tongue kiss देखेर मान्छेले मान्छे खाने त भन्या होइन नि ?


  17. Dherai nai kadaa.


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