Preserving the history

Posted: April 9, 2008 in zust जमर्को
author : sangesh
If we see some 50 years ago pictures of Kathmandu Valley then it is really different then what we see now. The houses in traditional Nepali style and the houses near new road were with British style. There was a fusion in architecture of Nepali and British.

When Kathmandu was introduced with concrete, the architecture from traditional one started to change into ugly modern looking style, Kathmandu now completely turned into concrete city. People started building houses in random order without any study about future, it’s effect in future and planing. This is one of the reason we are facing traffic jam, not good sanitation and drinking water supply now.What kind of people were there at the administrative level of the government at that time who’s decision almost made the vanishing-point of our traditional architect.

These architect are just alive as temples and old durbar now.But I think there are still people alive who love old and traditional architect. You can see the example at Makhan next to Suraj arcade or Dragon house. See the new building next to it. You will hardly say it is a new building, but the truth is that it is a new building.I salute the owner of the house for preserving the history. At least it will give some hints how Kathmandu and the surrounding of Durbar Square used look like few decade ago.

I hope we Nepali people love our traditional architecture and with the fusion with new technology they will preserve our tradition and will start building such house which reflect history.This dose not means I am against the new style of building houses. See the location I talked about. It is a historical location and it should look like past.In future may be we will be able to make world’s tallest skyscraper, but let’s not make it at historical place but somewhere far whichdoes not affect the historical identity and give itself new identity of modernization.

some other pictures too…

  1. Navin says:

    Nepal dekhaidinu bhako ma dhanyabaad mitra, Yo ghar haru ek dum khatarnak chan , Ason ko galli baap rey baap, ali kati halliyo bhaney, bhuichalo ley barbaaad po parcha teha.. tara teso nahos.. prathana cha bhagwaan sanga.


  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Mitra. I praise your view over our architecture. Your are right that everyone is having new homes in new style. There are lots of people who wants to build the home in old architecture. I am not sure that the owner of the house, you have shown is really want to build the house the way his is building it. Coz According to UNESCO the person has to build coz it in within world heritage so do not get excited that the person is build the house in that way. The person is compelled to do so. What I can tell is that building home in our traditional way is very expensive in compare to new style that is the main reason people are building in concrete house.


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