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Posted: March 11, 2008 in बेतुके blog
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Speed : I didn’t digested that. I know Navin before you guys all. Undigestable.
Aakar : But I digested that as I have saw status committed in his hi5 profile.
Roopesh : Who is this Navin Lama ?
Ametya : Well, Navin is a techno man and is a junction for all we bloggers and he, though Buddhist, is marrying a hindu girl named Niku.
Roopesh : means sucks yar. My brother had to leave home only due to intercast.
Basanta :शादी करके फसगया यार अच्छा खासा सा कँवारा….

Waliz : If he did marriage, then i am sure his speed in blogging will be down.
Samir : What ? then to whom do I take techno tips ?? Hey god, plz postpone his marriage until I feel myself as a perfect.
Aakar : Don’t worry yar. We all do help to each other…ookeey..I do thinking to write an article abt marriage of a blogger.
Speed : Whatever you do write, but mind it, sex is mine category. Navin’s first sex night will be flashed by me in my blogsite.
Waliz : I do write an article abt male, female relation and their requirements.
Basanta : My article will be focused to side effects of marriage as i know what they are.
Samir : What do i write ? Ummm…Uhhhh….
Roopesh : Interference in Intercast will be my article title.

Ametya : Hey guys, you all are thinking when Navin will do marry and write an article related with that while i have written before any happening. Isn’t that mean this blogger is ahead in blogging ??
Waliz : धक्कु नलगाउ, साथी (Don’t be over smart, my friend.)
We all : Hey, Waliz ! you in Nepali ?
Waliz : Navin is in parallel in phone. It’s his word and is saying that yes he has searched a beautiful lady and the below is her picture.


 Navin’s wife – Navin’s madness toward her.

Aakar : he..he..Namaskar Bhauju…
Roopesh : too much confusion
Speed : Hmmm…I am wondering how a human will do sex with an electronic machine.
Basanta : Hey what a nice idea. Now you don’t get any side effects. You can change your wife whenever you want, unfortunately i can’t.
Waliz : Doesn’t she have a proper dress. She is in inner dress, yar.
Samir : ha…ha., now i can write an article of femalotronix, mean conversion of female in to electronics.

Ametya : This is the spirit of blogging, Aakar ji. Whether you have something or not, you feel yourself as a mad toward blogging. So not only you, we all are mad in blogging.

………..a response to आकार’s पागल post but in a unique way.

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  1. Navin says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, I reall really really enjoyed this post, Will feature this post right now… ha ha ha ha ha ha.. Thanks Ametya Ji, I’m so lucky to get friends like you ..


  2. waliz says:

    ametyaaaaaa….! u r so naughty! i couldnt believe u can create such a story..navin getting married wth femalotronic??? hehehe….she is sexy wth dress and high heels like that all in black! Navin is very luccckkkyyyy!

    thanks means so much to means u consider me as one of your good friends among all the guys there..! you guys is terrible gossippers than other women i know…hehehe!

    u make my day…:D


  3. aAkaR says:

    A lots of thanks for you……….. and nice gossipping hai…. and moreover thanks for admiring my post…. and i don’t have to say anything abt u coz we have seen uuuuuuuu……… and we have knew ur potential….. thanks…… happy blogging……… and don’t bother abt PR hehe…


  4. Navin says:

    ametya ji, could you please give me the links of the blogs of other persons like roopesh, basanta, if they are bloggers too.. I’m wanting to link them through my recent post about this post.. 😉


  5. Navin says:

    may be you didn’t check my recent post section, this post was there:

    the reason I’m asking these links is this post above 🙂



  6. Sameer says:

    Wow what a great idea, creativity, and imagination you have! Really enjoy while reading gossipssss at first I am confuse what’s going on humm uhhhhh…….. just read the article thoroughly from the begging, when I scrolling down while reading and just see the pic then I knew about it all …….. hahahaha great work, thanks God I have friends who can help me! Actually I am quite busy this weak and just now gets a time to check blog

    New word new philosophy like “Journathor”
    felalotronix humm but its mean is good ha ha hahaahaha

    after googling get confuse hahahaha
    O I am getting late I have to read still one article more.


  7. Sameer says:

    Wow, what a creativity and imagination you have! At first I am little bit confuse what’s going on here………. But when I read it thoroughly from begging and latter while reading and scrolling down when I see the pic than I know about it ….hahahahah…..
    Thanks god my friends are with me who always help me
    Humm ….. new word, new philosophy like Journathor
    Femalotronix its meaning is nice hahaahahaha

    After googling
    from where I can start thinking…………..


  8. Basanta says:

    Great Ametya! It was very funny. I was thinking of writing about marriage’s “bad” side-effects, but I suddenly found that my blog is not anonymous. So if I write, I will have to prepare for the KUCHO attack. I am thinking of starting another blog, ‘anonymous’ this time:)


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