Each Son should do Sex Education talk with his Mom

Posted: March 7, 2008 in article aim
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Why with mom ? Because she is female and can tell you in excellency about your sex partner’s(lady) feeling. Research had also showed that son feel comfort with their mother to talk, means the inclination of them is more toward mother. This inclination starts with the childhood as childish mind feels nice to put a lot of questions in front of his mother and even in adult it feel ease to ask some puzzle.

‘Momma, why do white cover is used in wedding bed?’ The habit of asking each question since childhood suddenly ask the above question just to know the answer.

‘It is a tradition to check whether the bride is virgin or not. If she is virgin, then the mark of blood will be seen clearly in white, so.’

The question was escaped from my mouth in random way, pretending an interest to know something, but when i got answer, I felt shy in front of my mother.

Seeing my uncomfortable, she further added

‘ The tight female reproductive organ(means spectrum) got teared in sex and as a result blood come out and that spot in bed indicate that bride is pour.’

‘What if blood not come out ?’ with my eye down on the floor I asked accumulating some courage.

‘It’s a tradition, Betu(बेटु). Today’s girl do cycling, take part in sports etc. and such activity already tear the spectrum before sex. So in first sex, it is not necessarily blood must be come out. ‘

That was my first sex conversation with my mom. This type of regular conversation with parents will track each person’s sex life in a good way. Such education will help one’s sex life to move in a proper way.

It would be a lie if I said that guys do not talk about sex, rather sex would be the greatest topic. In the name of reading ‘Horoscope’ ladies used to read Rajendra Bhadra’s ‘Sex Confusion’ in Kantipur Saptahik, indicates that they also need proper guidance but they do not feel comfort as we feel to talk with friends. (may be they feel comfort, I don’t have proper idea of it.)


Sex education is right of us and it is in issue to educate student from school level. TV, Internet, DVD, magazines, friend talk etc. are some sources to get knowledge about sex and such knowledge may not always good, Due to undisciplined and unsystematic show of porn program in media, maximum are getting the wrong concept(lust) in the name of getting sex education.


The picture above shows that in what way media’s unsystematic show disrupting our soceity.Media provides sex entertainment while to get sex education human(like elders, parents) are best. 


For Parents…

A better sex education can only be gotten from his/her family, parents instead of media.

‘Momma, what does symbolizes that a girl is in pregnancy ?’

‘Her monthly circulation(period) will be stopped.’

Now without any shy, that was my second conversation.

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  1. waliz says:

    hmmm…u r such a curious boy! i hope u have a better understanding about women now! whoever be your partner in life will be lucky…:D


  2. DIVAS says:

    hey Ametya, what next?



  3. aAkaR says:

    yes, but not why ? त्यसो भन्ने पागल ठहरिन्छन् । यो जमाना नै पागलमय छ । visit me !


  4. ametya says:

    Yes you are right, aakar ji. यो जमाना नै पागलमय छ but this word पागल is so common that each person do use this word पागल in every situation. Namuna, Pcycho, Shunt etc are also used. A little bit different task from other cause them to say पागल(so easily) to that person.

    Blogging is new in Biratnagar. N one day i showed a friend my blogsite. I thought he will admires me saying wow… But, instead he said ‘ r u mad ?’ what kind of stuffs are these ???

    That’s why i wrote an article तीन ‘अ’ मा भेटिएका तीन अपरिचित to raise a voice against such disgusting (saying नमुना,पागल in ease manner) phenomena……..


  5. sajansan says:

    do u think it is possible in our conservative society


  6. Navin says:

    I learned about my sexuality and human sex nature from Internet to be true.

    I used to wonder and ask my parents, how child comes(yeah, comes) as soon as some couple marries. I used to think child just pops out of nowhere as soon as couple marries. That was when I was kid. I still remember elders laughing at me when as an Innocent kid I once asked, “where I came from , ama?”

    but , as I grew up, body sensation kept happening and some desires developed over time.

    Now, I’m proud, I’m a sex-aware guy 🙂 and regarding Sex-educating-talk(sex conversation with mom sounds weird.. i prefer ‘sex-education-talk’ )with mom is a natural way getting things know.

    Interesting post 🙂 keep it up !!!


  7. ametya says:

    Thank you Navin Bro, For correcting me. Ya it seems weired to use conversation here. So i have changed it.


  8. cristopher says:

    thank you..for giving me an idea..
    I am in US and working for HIV/AIDS under UN. A proposal have be proposed by our team to do task in Asian Countries. I was searching an idea in net and got this. thank you for unknowingly helped me. As asian society is very close related to family so i think this proposal ” sex education talk with parents” will work and my proposal will move ahead.
    You can check the above website for un volunteers in online.


  9. waliz says:

    just to say hello to u..interesting conversations here !


  10. ametya says:

    You are mostly welcome, Cristopher…..
    WOW too much pleased that someone’s random thought can be beneficial for someone. I am feeling like a child that my random thought gave you an idea for your HIV/AIDS proposal.


  11. Navin says:

    Ametya Ji, best of luck for your wonder post 🙂 and you are getting offers for UN volunteers which is great.. why not check their site and apply if possible..i found their signup page:

    once again, best of luck


  12. ametya says:

    as soon as i knew abt online volunteering from christopher i am trying to know what is it….thnk you navin bro…i am feeling like your younger brother as in each and every point(step) you are guiding me…for. eg. in google adsense you gave me the link earlier…so i am in blogspot….anyway thnks again.


  13. Ametya Ji, I’ve not forgotten a post to write about how to make money online yet and monetize blog of course, I still have than on my mind as per our online conversation few weeks ago, I’m working on it.. as soon as I finish that , will let you know..

    and thanks for your thoughts about me.
    really appreciate you too bro


  14. Navin says:

    blogspot is not being updated on regular basis .. right bro?


  15. Speed says:

    I mean there is a comfort factor involved …… For a sex talk with parents, starting the talk would be the hard part. I think sex discussion with peers is far more better. Well if like three guys discuss about sex then each guys sex knowledge is multiplied by three times. Plus after you reach a certain age of 15 16 discussions with parents become less frequent and you interact with you friends more. Well yeah before that age parents should take responsibility to educate their children just because that will keep them in track.

    I also learned most of the sex stuffs from the net and i am proud to be a sex aware guy.


  16. 大華 says:



  17. […] दस्तक दिन आइपुग्ने रहेछ।   [ Mom ले यसअघि SEX शिक्षामा Guide गर्नुभएको थियो […]


  18. Suraj KC says:

    Hahaha, I can’t find the courage if I had to do this. Instead of mom, get a girlfriend to have such conversation.


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