मेरो गफ.कम

Posted: January 22, 2008 in कविता कुण्ड

यो गफ
अली भिन्दै हो
तिमीले सोचे भन्दा
फरक अवश्यै हो
ब्रिहत छ गफ
इन्फो र टेक्नोको
सुचना तथा संचार
आवश्यकता आजको युवाको

प्रवासी जीवन, नेपाली सोचाई
लेखक नविन, नविनै लेखाई
ब्लगको दुनियाँमा प्रिथक छ पहिचान
ब्लगरको जमातमा अस्तित्व! एक शान

मेरो गफको गफ
अलिक क्लिस्ट छ
सुचना आवाज फिजाँउन
उ व्यस्त छ, भन्दा हुन्छ
व्यस्त व्यस्त माहोल
अनी स्वत: स्फुर्त शब्द
शब्द शब्द समेटिइ
जानकारी जीवन्त

Note: Mero guff is a blogsite whose mission is to provide information on Technology for it’s readers.


  1. आकार says:

    nothing to say………..just………Salute to Ametya.


  2. Navin says:

    I’m much much obliged to you my dear friend 🙂

    I’ve never known you are such a beautiful poet too.

    and I really really appreciate for space on your nice blog..

    Thank you so much Ametya Ji.


  3. ametya says:

    Due to misunderstanding to know wordpress.com, these posts lead to post in jan 22 while i wanted to post them in jan17/18. Uh, this wordpress. I am realizing that blogspot.com is more sopisticated(providing more features) than wordpress. Yuk, i think i should shift to blogspot…but i love wordpress’s simplicity. What should i do ?


  4. Navin says:

    True, WordPress.com is simple

    Blogger.com is used by them who wants to make money online


  5. speed says:

    Well Get a web space and a domain and host you blog from there ….. You can then use many more features i guess ………


  6. ametya says:

    Ya, but for that blogger have to buy the space…i think …


  7. speed says:

    welovenepal is giving out 200 MB space for free i guess …….. they are also giving .com.np domain for free …….. but if you want .com than it will cost you around 700 rs / yr i guess


  8. speed says:

    maybe you can take that space and move the engine there …….. and you could buy a domain hoping to cover the cost from adsense ……….


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