My Interview in JOb Fair Held in KTM

Posted: January 16, 2008 in info itch
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“‘Xcuse me, sir , Can i come in ?” I.
‘Ya sure and have a sit.’ Watching my all CV, he said
‘Shall we start, then ?’
“It’s my pleasure sir.”

‘Why do mobile phones are called cellular phones?’
“The region on which mobile technology is being used is divided in terms of hexagonal shaped cells. So, due to cellular concept, they are called.”

‘Can you say something about generation of cellular mobile ?’
“Till now 1G, 2G, 2.5G, 3G have been emerged. 3.5G as well as 4G  are also being used in some developed country.”

‘What are the differences between these generations ?’
“1G-Totally analog based
2G-Digital concept is used here first
2.5G-With internet approach it came
3G-Emerged with advanced modulation technique like BPSK, QPSK etc.
3.5G-Sorry sir, I don’ t know more about it.”

‘How 3.5G is different than 3G ?’
“(Uh…Why is he asking the same question as I have already told that I don’t know more about 3.5G)…..Sir, 3.5G uses HSDPA(High Speed Downlink Packet Access), latest technology, to support  this generaton for fast downlink and uplink of data.”

‘Can you give the example of each generation ?’
2G-GSM, IS-95
2.5G-GPRS,IS-95 B
3G-W-CDMA, CDMA-2000”

‘Is 1G is still in use ?’
“I think it may have replaced due to evolution of generations, since it is the time of digital.2G came in to existence in 1990 and now we have came up to 3.5G,4G. So, it must be a history now.”

‘Is there any link of GSM with CDMA ?’
“No sir. GSM(Global System of Moblile) is only a standard while CDMA(Code Division Multiple Access) is a technology of Spread Sprectrum technique.”

‘What is multiple access mean ?’
“If the same channel is used for various users or purposes, then it is called multiple access.FDMA, TDMA and CDMA are highlighted multiple access technique being used mostly.”

‘In Nepal, what kind of generation and technologies are being used ?’
“NTC has recently launched tdma based w-cdma standard 3G mobile in Kathmandu valley. The whole world is using two kind of technology(general), tdma and cdma. It is rare case but Nepal is in the process to use the both technologies.”

‘How ?’
“Namaste Nepal supports tdma (GSM) while Sky Mobile supports cdma (IS-95)”

‘PLZ say the process to connect a mobile phone with a computer.’
“Sorry sir. I don’t have the idea about the process of connection. I even don’t know how to send message from mobile, as I don’t have one.”

‘Ok, It’s all right. You need a data cable for that.’
“Thank you, sir, for let me know.”

‘You got selected. The furthur process will be explained by Mr. Krishna Chattopadhyaya. PLZ, contact him.’
“Thank you very much sir.”

‘Oh, I can’t believe it. Wow, I got selected.’ I  pleased with myself.

‘Are you Mr. Amit ?’ there was Mr. Krishna asking me.
“Yes sir. I was coming to you.”
‘PLZ, fill this form.’
“What is it, sir?”

‘Don’t you have eyes ? It says that you are depositing Rs.50000 to get the job.’
“Uh, How it be ? Are you saying I have to pay to get a job ?”
‘If you can, then fill it. Otherwise, you can leave. There are a lot of candidates that i have to handle. कहाँ कहाँ से चले आते हे बापका माल समझके’

I digested that but later I came to know that other didn’t digest that. So, the Job Fair was cancelled in the same day of it’s inauguration.

आफु त जान पाइएन । के त्यहाँ मैले सोचे जस्तै भा थ्यो ? उत्तर पाउने आशमा यो ब्लगर

  1. speed says:

    humnn hehe ……. kohi key bhayo bhitara chain tha bhayena … bhira chain nikkai ramita garechaan


  2. Navin says:

    I’ve had a bad experience with the organizer called New Horizen. They are the bigtime sucker. They just want to have money, nothing.. their teaching is third grade.Many years ago, When I went to their office located at Jawalakhel, I saw around 12-13 MSCE degree nicely decorated into glass frames and hanging on the walls. They were bragging this and that. When I stepped there, their bragging left me a bad impression. Besides, when I sat into their trial class, they forced me to pay 150Rs to fill the application so that I could enlist my name on their students list. After I came back home from there, I never returned there.

    Few days ago, when I heard that Students vandalized job fair and when I learned that one of the Organizers were New Horizen, I was smiling and feeling so relaxed.

    If I were you, EK LAATA hanera aauthey yaar, tini haru ko desk ma ..

    Hepnu hepya ho tyo dhoti ko santaan haru ley 🙂


  3. आकार says:

    khai??? testai bhayo hola…..navin ji le bhaneko kura bhane chitta bujyo………ani ametya ji, ke kura garnubhako yar,………hami nepali ani hami nepal ko tarai ma chhau…..


  4. waliz says:

    hi ametya..
    u r so intelligent and smart in answering all those questions..i dont know anything about cellular except the brands…hehehe

    btw i’m glad u didnt take the job’s offer..:D

    thanks for leaving such a wonderful comments at my blog..hope we can be friend after this….


  5. Sameer says:

    what a twist at the end…….(*_*). interesting i can learn lot after reading this……….


  6. Navin says:

    those two links showed ‘no post’ message..

    in fact, I ran through your blog using every possible keyword to find any post related with my blog, but of no avail.

    anyway, thanks for your words.. it seems something didn’t save on your database 🙂 .

    I’ll be always checking your blog for your contents 🙂


  7. Sameer says:

    ametya: Thanks for comment and adding me in your blog. Actually it is difficult to finding me a certain name which I want to register at blogger. After lots of combination suddenly I got this name was not registered. Yes you are right its meaning is simple our-e-log….humm …….I mean this blog is for all of us, (e) for electronics and (log) means records. As I am neither a good writer nor a journalist just trying to learn and knowing about it. So it is the steps of breaking the ice. I think what ever I know and study and found interesting I will log (record) here for educational propose, so it is helpful for all of us.
    I get your blog through Navins blog. I found your are a good writer and intersting to read your creation. nice work. and keep it up………..


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