My encounter with a LESBIAN

Posted: January 11, 2008 in article aim
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Struggling. We all do struggling in various means. To get a better life, we do fight with poverty, lazyness, illetracy and with enemies. This article says about a girl, Tanishq, doing struggle with herself to obtain a life where sex will be in her control.

‘Stop starring me. I am a lesbian.’ with soft and silence smile she said. In American Library, situated in Biratnagar(Nepal), I saw a girl so beautiful that I couldn’t stop myself gazzing at her.

‘Oh, sorry.’ with a little bit shy and strangeness I apoloziged to her.
‘Don’t be. By the way, I am Tanishq, student.’
‘I am Amit, a blogger.’

The librarian didn’t allow us to do more conversation. Inspite of giving concentration to book, I was thinking ‘ Is she making fool to me ? ‘ But her expression of face and way of spreading words were whisperring me to trust her. ‘Do respect it.’

‘How does it feel to live a different life ?’geting out from library the blogger inside me force me to ask this.
‘This is not a different life, this is also a part of life.’ She corrects me ‘Sex is a part of life and this life within the teritory of sex.’ Then, a silence environment from my side thinking how to move ahead with a lady asking questions in sex ???

‘If you are feeling shy or odd, then be confident. You can ask anything that you want to know.’ Inspite of her this saying, my mind wasn’t being able to catch even a question.

‘Whenever I see a nice girl, my stomach feels something and it bound me to feel attraction toward her. I really hate this.’ She started the conversation hinting me not to feel nervouseness with her.

‘I didn’t get the actual mean of this’ I .

‘I don’t hate lesbianness rather the trap of it. The trap of it is so strong that I feel myself sometimes as a slave of sex. I sometimes do sacrifice my dignity just only to get a bed with one, and I just hate this.’

‘Then, are you struggling to get rid from lesbian life ?’
‘Yes, but not getting rid from lesbo life, rather controlling the sex life.’
‘What do you do for that, then ?
‘Yoga and my 3 step rule,for now.’
‘Can i know your rules ?’
‘Sorry, You can’t.’

Gay, Lesbians, Bisexuals are not from another world. These all are human, though getting low percentage of humanism just only because of our different attitute to see them as a different and abnormal. During this conversation, I realized that in actual mean our struggling is far below in comparision to them.

Why did she choose me ? This question may seem irrevalent but this question must be raised here because people usually don’t share their personnel feeling with even best friends, she did it with me(an unknown), a person about who she doesn’t know anything except name and blog site address.

Life is tuff and full of struggle. God is so rude. In the name of struggling, god bounded her to do struggle to get her basic need, a life with normal sex behaviour is her own basic right.

This article do a salute to all those who are doing struggle with themselves to live a normal life that is their own basic and human right.

  1. आकार says:

    wow !
    what a nice encounter.and issuse is very sensitive.


  2. आकार says:

    nice……..and congrats………google page rank of ur page is seen ………… 0/10 only in one and 1/2 months…….you’ll rock………


  3. Navin says:

    Ametya, this is indeed a great article but still it doesn’t answer much of my questions..

    i wish she could’ve told her 3 rules.. dunno, what was that really?? i wish i could know the world from her eyes..

    anyway, i liked your every article bro. keep it up


  4. speed says:

    Well people need to be more liberal about homosexuality and bisexuality …….. i mean if a girl likes a girl or a guy like a guy what the big deal ….

    though i dont agree to the fact that being a lesbian (or gay) means that you have an unstable sex life (even hetrosexuals have unstable sex life) …….
    its good to see that even nepali youths are discussing sexuality ……… well i think nepali youths need to be more liberal regarding such issues

    and i salute tanishq just because she cared to share ….


  5. speed says:

    and yeha thank you ametya bro for writing


  6. umeshpao says:

    Nice fiction work! Kudos!


  7. Hello Ametya,

    I apologize if I am responding to your posts on my blog just now. Life has just been quite hectic lately.

    Your sensitivity to this issue is well-taken. We wish for more people like you who respect the ‘humanity’ in all of us. We are people regardless of race, gender, or creed. We have emotions, we laugh, we cry and the reasons we do those things are all the same. We are no different from each other.

    Your openness to Tanishq and her courage to open up to you speak well of your character. It is a blessing. You have the gift of listening to others and that’s why they approach you. Be aware of that because God placed you here for a purpose.

    Thanks again and should you have any other questions, you may contact me on the email registered on this comment.

    God bless!

    Gay Christians


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