Someone is saying smthing. Are we able to hear that ?

Posted: January 9, 2008 in article aim
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Economics says that there are three kinds of money trafficing-Investment, Expenditure and Wastage. The transformation of money from one hand to another occupies either of these three verbs:- invest, spend or waste.

To do invest means just to think profit mainly. Money attracts money rule is used here to get collection.

To do spend means just exchange of goods or something with money. Buy and sell or give and take rule is used here.

To waste means just to throw of money.

We live to get the experience of life, wealth plays major role along with health in that. So, we prefer to do invest and spend rather waste. But, unknowingly we are wasting some of our money to get nothing while that could do something.

One of my lady friend asked me to let her know about the process to be a year  based customer of Kantipur Daily Newspaper. I already knew that it’s worth Rs. 1700 with bumper prizes scheme too.

‘You have cables, then why do you need newspaper ?’ I asked.
‘It will be intresting to get a drink of tea with newspaper in morning sun.’ she answered.
‘But you are totally alone with your mother.’ I hinted her that nobody is there to read newspaper except her.
‘Uh, it’s just 1700 only and it will give me some information too. ‘

She might be right, it may give some information to her, but from my side that money was in the category of wastage. The information that she were searching could be gotten in news channels at everyhour.

While I preparing this article, I am seeing her using only 10 minutes to read newspaper, means she reads in the duration of start and end of drop of tea. She is neither intrested in politics nor she likes to read the ‘Opinion Extra’ (बिचार  बिबिधा) page containing the articles. What kind of search is that, then ?

We do waste of money in different way in a dream of getting something. How nice it would be if such money really could be able to get something.


Xcuse me mam/sir, Can you do something for me with your such money ? The eyes above are hoping yes from us.

“It seems difficult but not impossible to collect such(waste) money to change a life of someone like of street kids.”


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