Sex traffic in community website

Posted: January 6, 2008 in article aim
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We use to login different community website to get connected with our friends and to make new friends too. Facebook, Orkut, Hi5, Myspace etc. community websites attracts much more users by providing various services like giving high MB,GB spaces to upload one’s images, letting one to look other’s profile to know about them. Using these websites one can share his feeling, ideas etc. through the use of notebook, wall, testimonials, scrap etc.

A mini research(my own) shows that community websites are nowadays not only be used as above. In sex traffic it is being used as a road, a highway not only to transport one’s nude pictures and words but also to fix a time for meeting. Orkut is in ahead in this case. In Brazil and India, this website is getting overrated performance. Those who seek sex partner are using this site maximally, some showing censored while some with uncensored pictures.

adnan.jpgAdnan Patrawala

While browsing and surfing these sites, I asked some of them
‘ What will you get by showing your head cut nude pictures? ‘
the same type of answer I got from almost all
‘ Do you wanna join me ?’

Some were charged and some were just to have fun. Girls attracting boys were in the charge categories while gay, lesbian and bisexuals were only to get satisfaction.

‘ Why have you shown your full face ? ‘ my eyes got stucked in a profile whose heading was I AM HAPPY-I AM A GAY showing not vulgure rather full face photo.

‘I am what I am and I have to realize it’ he answered.
‘Don’t you feel any harrasment ?’
‘I am not here for sex partners. I am here to get married with one who can understand me and can feel me.’

I saluted his bravery internally but soon I realized that no, no all who pretends to show their real face are their own’s.

Nice pictures, of known as well as unknown are used to attract more and more people. Some do to lure users while some do due to jealously too. Almost one year ago, I heard in star news that ‘ A boy misused his friend’s photo in such website saying she is a call girl and also published her mobile phone too as the girl refused that boy as a boyfriend.’

Adnan Patrawala(Indian), one of the user of orkut got lost his life due to misuse  of such websites. Blind dates were fixed through such site and later he was murdered in the way of adaptation.

These kind of things shows that each coin has it’s two parts, positive and negative. Same drug can be treated as medicine and also for addiction.

  1. आकार says:

    You and your blog will rock with in a few months……keep it up.


  2. Nice research… You will sure rock with this kind of writing…

    Keep it up.


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