2007,Youth and 2008

Posted: December 31, 2007 in article aim
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  The command of Pakistan People’s Party(PPP) has been given to Bilabal Bhutto Jardari, a 19 year old teenage youth. Following his mother’s say “Democracy is the best revenge”, he took this command with promise to obey his responsibility.

        This move of PPP has given a fire in the revolution of election. A 19 year old university student has been crowned by chairman post, this definately encourage other youth to step toward youthness, move forward heading the future. 

  Bhutto son

Bilabal – holding mother Benajir Bhutto’s photo

 2007 is about to pass and in the eve of 2008, PPP has announced that.This movement has given a dream to see the world with different angle, an eye with youth. Apparently, Bilabal will continue his study first and only after that he will wet himself wholly by this responsibilty, but this adorable declaration has started new era of future-future taking the youth with.

        Like Pakistan, Nepal is also in the way of peace process. Election is the first focus to make Nepal as a stable well behaved country. In the journey with 2007, Nepal Government has taken a number of decision to head Nepal to peace. Now let’s hope in 2008,like PPP, there will be a decision taken that can really feel youth his youthness as a proud.

     With this 2007 eve decision 2008 is coming, holding dream in eye to see youth with responsiblity. Youth have already energy, they only deserve(need) ignition. And this kind of decision does the same. Hope this type of news will be heard in different sectors in 2008 too.

  1. Basanta says:

    I admire your thoughts about youth power. But this ‘power transition to Bilawal’ thing has nothing to do with youth power, his dynamism or anything like that. It is ironic that a party which thinks itself the patron of democracy in Pakistan chooses its leader in a totally feudal way. It is not only ironic, it is totally shameful too. This has proved that, although Bhutto family and PPP shout loudly for so called democracy in Pakistan, they themselves are too undemocratic!
    This is monarchy, not democracy!

    And they are putting Bilawal in great risk too! Minutes before, I was reading about Oxford University’s security arrangements for him. The danger to his life has increased thousandfold. He will never have a normal life from now on. And when he finishes his studies, he will be back to Pakistan and one day will be made its PM, in an young age like his mother. He will make many grave mistakes (Benazeer’s rule had a lot of flaws, people have forgotten it after her death).

    I have nothing against Benazeer in person, she was a brave woman, yes with many shortcomings. But the way she became PPP’s head and the way her son became PPP’s head is totally wrong. If they want to go like this, what is wrong with monarchy?!


  2. umeshpao says:

    A huge misconception: Bilawal is a youth power! If I am searching for a youth idol, I won’t be looking towards Bilawal.


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